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Who Really Makes Walt Disney World A Success?

In Dreams Come True on November 12, 2010 at 3:49 pm

Brenda’s and my fourth trip to Walt Disney World together (Spring 2009) was our first trip using our new Annual Passes. It was just the two of us, just like our first trip together in the fall of 2003–Our Honeymoon Trip.

Our First Annual Pass Visit: Just the 2 of us!

During that trip, we treated ourselves to the “Backstage Tour.” It’s a great experience, where you learn a lot about Walt Disney World and everything that goes into making it such a Special, Magical Place.

One of the common questions asked by “Backstage Tourists” is: “How many people are needed to keep the parks so clean?” Our guide answered, “60,000.” Meaning that every single Cast Member (employee) at WDW helps to keep the park clean–and he pointed out how many times during our tour he had grabbed some trash and tossed it into a bin.

With 66,000 Cast Members–making Walt Disney World the largest single-site employer in the United States–that’s a lot of cleaning!

But we also learned about another group essential to the success of Walt Disney World–which included us! Those are, of course: Guests!

Though WDW is very secretive about park attendance, sources estimate annual attendance at well over 40 million visitors: 17 million to Magic Kingdom (making it the number one visited attraction worldwide), 10 million to Epcot (number 6 worldwide), and almost 10 million each to Disney Hollywood (number 7 worldwide) and Animal Kingdom (number 8).

So Walt Disney World annual visitors outnumber the population of New York City by 5 times!

And that is only possible thanks to people just like YOU!

Our Backstage Tour-Guide told us that Walt Disney World’s loyalty rate was 74%. That means that 74% of the people who visit the park have been there before! So for every “First Time” pin-wearer, there are three guests to welcome them.

I’ve already mentioned a few Special Guests we’ve met during our Disney Visits:

  • Our “Hidden Mickey” pin experts,
  • Pin Traders Janet & Tom
  • Tinkerbell Fan Bob

On future visits, I’ll be on the lookout for even more friendly folk–others obsessed with Disney Magic.

For now, let me share just a few memories regarding our own “Guests.”

On five of our seven trips to WDW, we invited members of Brenda’s family to join us: Brenda’s daughters and their husband/boyfriend, and Brenda’s sister and brother-in-law.

Our Guest Jennifer: While Spaceship Earth Still Had the Mickey Hand & Wand

Merry Christmas from Brenda, Roger & Rebecca!

We ALL went to Disney World!

Kenny, Nancy, Brenda, Jennifer & Roger in front of Cinderella Castle

Getting ready to hit the parks!

Rainforest Cafe: Nick & Jennifer

That Cinderella Castle really gets around!

Cinderella Castle, Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Brandon & Rebecca

I believe a good time was had by all!

And some folks have been our Guests multiple times!

Anyway, it’s important to remember that even with all the glorious wonderful amazing magical moments provided by Imagineers, Cast Members, Disney Characters, sumptuous food, amazing customer service, happy memories, and so on: Who is finally, really, truly responsible for the incredible continued brilliant success of Walt Disney World?

You Are.

So, Thank You for making WDW a Magical Place for everyone to enjoy!

Including Me, Brenda–My Internet Bride–and our guests.

Brenda will be taking a guest when she goes to Disney World (without me!) in December–I’m hoping she will send back some Holiday Photos and quick reports which I will share in future blogs!

Here’s today’s Not-So-Hidden-Mickey:

From our 2009 Backstage Tour lunch stop

Mickey's the TOP Mouse!

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