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Snow & Walt DisneyWorld

In Dreams Come True on February 4, 2011 at 10:21 am

What does snow have to do with WDW?

Snow & WDW (Click to see video)

The most recent snow storm provided Brenda–My Internet Bride–and me an opportunity to plan our upcoming Walt Disney World trip.

We’ll be arriving in Orlando on March 4, in the evening. We’re staying at one of the Disney hotels, on-site–the same complex Brenda and Jennifer stayed in during their December visit. This will be Roger’s first time in the hotel–no car or Garmin needed!

It will also be the debut trip with our new Kodak Mini!

Our new Kodak Mini!

Do you see a Hidden Mickey?

(Remember to click on the photo above for a closer look! Click again, and it gets really huge! Use your “back” button to return to the blog.)

So, we’ll be able to share videos of our adventures!

Believe us, we’re planning to have fun! And just to prove it, look out for our next post:

“Planning to have fun at WDW!”

Until then,

Brenda & Roger

  1. Does my boss know you’re going on another vacation???? lol

    • Hey Linda Loo!!!
      You are too funny!!! Yes, your boss/coworker does know and is thinking more about retirement!!! now let this be our little secret!!!

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