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Birthdays, Anniversaries & Walt Disney World!

In Dreams Come True on May 4, 2011 at 9:59 am

Last week, on Monday, April 25, Roger turned 58. Our birthday celebration feast featured strawberry shortcake, but with Brenda’s unbelievably delicious, tender & flaky biscuits instead of shortcake (Roger grew up eating biscuits instead of shortcake).

April 25 (Roger always explains his birthday is the same day as Christmas–just a different month) was also the 20th Anniversary celebration of Brooks Brothers Factory Division. Roger works in the Brooks Brothers Factory Store in Tilton, NH, and as Brenda is a baker extrordinaire, and a major cake decorator, she baked Roger’s store a cake.

Asst. Mgr Roger (left), Jessica, Mgr. Sean

Sean holding cake

The Golden Fleece (sheep suspended from ribbon), Brooks Brothers' symbol, standing on "20"

Brenda’s image was based on the Brooks Brothers’ new employee badge.

Brenda used this for her inspiration

It wasn’t the first Brooks Brothers cake Brenda baked!

Brenda holds her FIRST Brooks Brothers Cake

Sean's 5th Anniversary Cake Close-Up

And then, Brenda baked a cake to celebrate the Brooks Brothers Company’s 193rd Birthday!

Sean, Roger & Jennifer

Happy 193rd Birthday Brooks Brothers!

So what about Brenda? Who’ll bake HER Umptith Birthday Cake?

Well, we ARE going to Disney World in December to celebrate Brenda’s Mysterieth Birthday, AND our 10th Wedding Anniversary! Assuming we can get airline tickets, we’ll be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. That will be our second trip as Disney Vacation Club Members–the first one will be September 13 through September 19. And we still have points remaining, so you KNOW we’ll be back!

Maybe we’ll see you there!

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