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Walt Disney World EPCOT return

In Dreams Come True on September 18, 2011 at 5:11 pm

When we woke up this morning, after Roger sleeping 11 hours!!! we weren’t sure what we were going to do.  We knew we wanted to head to EPCOT to hear the Voices of Liberty since they were off on Friday.  So, we just headed to EPCOT.  During the course of the morning, it started to sprinkle.

Do you know who this is?  you may think you know… however a little girl 3 or 4 years old, walked by Brenda

Mary Poppins incognito

The little girl had a huge grin on her face and said "Hello, Mary Poppins!!"

and with every certainty and a big grin said “Hello, Mary Poppins.” !   There were other families around hearing this and thought it was all very cute.  I laughed and laughed… I was deeply honored.

Here’s lunch!!

This is a well balanced meal...4 plates

Brenda’s entree as a strawberry tart and chocolate cake for dessert.  Roger had a ham & cheese croissant and chocolate cake for dessert!!!  So, it is balanced, we each had 2 items.

We ordered our dinner from Seasons, restaurant next to Soarin’.  It was supercalifragiltickexpealidocious!!

Time to pack.  Checking our bags in early tomorrow morning then head for 8 am opening at Animal Kingdom.  Plane leaves Orlando 6:45 pm.

Back to reality 😦


Breakdowns at Walt Disney World’s Disney Hollywood Studios

In Dreams Come True on September 17, 2011 at 6:36 pm

Like every day we go to Disney Studios, we began with a trot to Toy Story Mania.

Brenda beat Roger, of course.

Brenda wins!

Then, we stopped. There were a couple of announcements telling us we would get going just as soon as they could “change the batteries,” but that never happened.

Brenda captured Roger's image in the blank screen during the breakdown

We were evacuated.

First, everyone in line (a lot, considering Toy Story Mania is the most popular attraction at ALL WDW parks).

Next, folks who were inside the game (who had either not yet begun, or were interrupted during play).

Finally, those of us in the exit.

We were all given special Fast Passes, good through September 30.

Earlier, while waiting for the park to open, we met a family of Pin Traders.

These folks are pin trading experts. What was that website again?

We enjoyed all our usuals: Beauty and the Beast, Drawing Academy, Muppet Vision 3-D, One Man’s Dream, and the Great Movie Ride (I still haven’t had the Cowboy scenario).

We added the New Star Tours. It was awesome! Though it did make Brenda a tad queasy. This ride hasn’t been fully discovered yet, so there was no waiting. I went back in on my own, and simply walked through the line and into the transport!

There are 58 versions of this ride. The first half of the two rides were different, though the second halves were identical. Except for the Alliance Rebel secreted onboard–one of our fellow passengers! Very fun. I predict LOOOOOONG lines in the future.

Lunch was at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. Very good food. Brenda had meatloaf, Roger had fried chicken. We both ate all our vegetables (required), but Brenda did get scolded (twice) for having her elbows on the table.

We ended with two more trips through Toy Story Mania: first with today’s regular Fast Pass, then with the one we got due to the breakdown.

Finally, we ended the day with “Mulch, Sweat & Shears.”

Mulch, Sweat & Shears

Brenda says she caught me “boogying down,” which is not really well captured here, though I WAS identified as “the white boy.” During the song, while singing “play that funky music, white boy,” the woman came up to me, pointed, and said, “I found him!”  So, I had a part in the show.

Brenda here!!   I did catch Roger shaking his booty…

Can you see Roger?  far left, blue shirt, orange hat

Can you see Roger? far left, blue shirt, orange hat

Tomorrow, still not planned!

Another Memorable Day at EPCOT!

In Dreams Come True on September 16, 2011 at 7:53 pm

While we were strolling to our bus stop, we saw our Epcot bus rolling toward us. Next we discovered that our resort is pretty close to Epcot, so our ride was only a few minutes. Therefore, we got to Epcot well over an hour before it opened!

The sun rises on Spaceship Earth

We are first in line--by a lot!

Brenda discovered a new type of jewelry–beads made from rolled up discarded Disney World paper products.

Monica prepares Brenda's earrings

You can check it all out at:

We watched a dolphin match forms at the Seas.

To indicate his "final answer," he blows bubbles

On the “Garden Tour” in the Earth (after we went Soarin’), Brenda’s quick eyes spotted a hidden Mickey in the labs.

Mickey formed by colored test tubes in lab

A larger, but blurrier, view

Then Brenda noticed a Mickey on the fife & drum drum.

See the Mickey?

Do you see it now?

In France, we watched a show, juggling and acrobatics.

Four chairs, a magnum of champagne, and a man suspended

Then lunch at the Patisserie: turkey & brie on baguette, chocolate cake, and creme brule.

Ooooo la la: Eeees Gude!

And before we left, we visited Spaceship Earth. Tried to see the hidden Mickeys, but we’re still trying! We did get a view into our future, and we’re thin!

That's us in the future!

Can you see us now?

If you want to watch the mini-video, let us know and we’ll send you a copy or a link.

Our day becomes our memory

And we retire, and start all over again tomorrow!

Brenda’s Magical Day at Magic Kingdom

In Dreams Come True on September 15, 2011 at 7:40 pm

Craig, from Galsgow, Scotland, gave Brenda a great tip for high scores at Buzz Lightyear

Today was Brenda’s Magical Day!

First, we played a record four rounds on Buzz Lightyear’s Galactic Patrol. There was absolutely no waiting (this was during the magic hour before the park opened to the public), and there were even many empty cars.

On our third trip in, Craig (photo above) noticed we kept circling back, so he asked who was winning. Brenda said Roger always scored highest in this game, so Craig shared a secret tip with Brenda, and she won the next round!

Brenda smashes Roger!

We went on “It’s A Small World,” and while riding, both Brenda and Roger recalled there were some hidden Mickeys, but of course NOT where! So Brenda asked a couple of cast members for help, which they provided, and we got right back on for another trip. We spotted the ones they mentioned, and even took photos, but they came out poorly so you can’t see. But we will share them with anyone who asks!

We did get a photo of a “controversial” hidden Mickey: the Koala bears!

Are the Koala bear heads "Hidden Mickeys"?

The folks also said there were only two Americans depicted in the lands (I know there are 300 dolls in all–plus the animals). We found them!

The only two Americans depicted in "It's A Small World"

We left “It’s A Small World,”

Good By!

But Brenda continued her quest for hidden Mickeys. She received clues from a Cast Member at the Haunted Mansion (we found 1 of 2), and we enjoyed all the new elements at this attraction, including the musical tombs on the way in, as well as books that pop out mysteriously. There was no real line today, but when there are, it will help keep the guests smiling. We also admired the new graves.

New Ghouls at Haunted Mansion

We had lunch at the Plaza.

Our server, Heather from Michigan

Brenda asked Heather where SHE went for vacation, and Heather said that when she decided to move to Disney World from Michigan, every day would be a vacation. And for her, it has been ever since!

Brenda had a turkey sandwich, Roger had a Reuben. Mmmmmm. And a banana split (split) for desert!

Roger LOVES banana splits!

We decided to end our day laughing, so went back to the laugh floor. They choose folks from the audience, and Brenda had her mind read! She really got the crowd going, especially when she did her “Haiiiiii–chi-chi-chi-chi-cha!” call!

Brenda, one of the STARS of the Laugh Floor

So then we wound our way back to the exit. It’s Halloween in the Magic Kingdom.

Now THAT's a Mick-O-Lantern!

Bat-O-Lantern at Casey's

Frank-O-Lantern, also at Casey's

But then Brenda spotted a place she had never been before, “Behind the Scenes with Mickey Mouse.” There was absolutely no line, so in we went.

Check it out!

Pooped, we headed home.

Farewell to a Magical Day!

WDW Animal Kingdom

In Dreams Come True on September 14, 2011 at 7:29 pm

Day 1 Animal Kingdom!!

We are staying at Old Key West Resorts, a Disney Vacation Club, aka DVC.  We have studio room which means 2 queen beds, little frig, coffee maker, toaster, & paper plates.  Don’t really see us “cooking” much here, and I like that just fine!!

Old Key West Resort room

Roger slept in this morning… I finally woke him @ 6:45!!  Animal Kingdom was open early for Resort guests, we were attempting to leave @ 7 & eat breakfast @ AK.  We made it there a little after 8 and headed right to Kilamanjaro Safaris.  First we got a Fast Pass, then got right in line to go now!!

Elephants beginning their day

giraffes at sunrise

Morning lion

We jumped on a bus to Wilderness Lodge Resort for lunch at Whispering Canyon.  Roger indulged in the Canyon buffet

mmmm... we kinda didn't have breakfast... so we're ready!!!

Our server:

a wild woman!!!

A wild woman!!!

Brenda was The First person to order the Meatloaf Sandwich off the new menu (which just started today).

I love meatloaf!!!

After lunch we had to walk off some of that spectacular lunch.   We headed to Downtown Disney for some shopping.

Now, Roger has gone to the pool, and here I (Brenda) am writing to you!!

Roger here: By “pool,” Brenda means “hot tub.” Or maybe it’s a jacuzzi, since it has the water jets? Anyway, I’m back, with a couple of observations:

While on “Safari,” I spotted these:

Note how the girl's glass's frames have "evolved."

I tried to get a closer look, though of course, young ladies move around a lot (especially when they’re trying to spot a gnu):

Note interesting markings

Later, trying to “Find Nemo,” another interesting girl’s markings:

Study hat markings closely

Here’s a slightly better view:

It's blurry, but there's a Mickey in there!

Then, leaving Wilderness Lodge, some interesting sign:

Mushroom dancer from Fantasia

The Clark Gable of Disney Cartoons

Uh-huh! So long, Folks!

Well, it’s been a long, hot, fun-filled day. Time for ice cream dinner, and then to bed.

Tomorrow: Magic Kingdom!

We made it!!

In Dreams Come True on September 14, 2011 at 6:49 am
Yeah!  we're in line!

where have all the people gone

Here we are in “line.”  When it is said there are less people here in September, we had no idea!!!  This is 7:30 pm…

We are staying at Old Key West Resort.  Our first cast member encounter was with Russell from Anchorage, Alaska.  He is an Iupuitq Eskimo and currently the only native Alaskan in Florida!!  He was so helpful, giving us all kinds of information to make our trip the best ever…. Thanks Russell

from Anchorage, Alaska

Russell, a Disney Cast Member for 15 years

Wednesday we head to Animal Kingdom and lunch reservations at Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge.

It’s about 11:30 pm Tue night, waaaayyy past my bedtime…  Goodnight, Moon.

Packing for Walt Disney World

In Dreams Come True on September 12, 2011 at 1:50 pm

Roger normally begins packing for vacation about two weeks before he leaves. But this time, he waited until just a few days before. Here’s what he’s got so far:

Putting bags inside other bags: packing begins

Of course he brings enough clothing so he can live without doing laundry for a week. BUT, if we DO laundry, even better!

In addition to clothes, there’s always paperwork:

A little light reading for the trip

And who can live without electronics? And the gear to carry it:

Just a few electronic necessities

Packing is nearly completed; boarding pass just a couple hours ahead.

Of course, this is just what I’m taking! Brenda, however, is a much lighter packer. As for me, I had to switch luggage because my awesome huge Orvis bag weighed over 20 pounds empty! My new bag is very light, and holds a ton. Or, at the moment, 35 pounds (including the suitcase).

This time tomorrow, we’ll be at the airport!

WDW, here we come!

What’s The Story With Walt Disney World?

In Dreams Come True on September 9, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Soon, Brenda and Roger will be Back in Walt Disney World!

You're going BACK to WDW? Again? Really?

We know a lot of people (a LOT of people) wonder:

“Why do you keep going back to Walt Disney World?”

Of course, there are many reasons Brenda and Roger LOVE WDW:

Scenic Wonders

Cinderella Castle caught under a full moon

Delightful Landscaping

Topiaries fill the grounds

REVEALED: Brenda model for Tinkerbell topiary!

Fun Rides

Entering one of OUR favorite rides: Midway Mania!

Other Midway Mania Fans entering the playing area

Fun Parades

A young fan gets a very close-up look at the parade!

Helpful “Cast” Members

Brenda & Hou Juan, our server at Nine Dragons

Good Food

Mmmmmm! Country Cooking!

We're going back to WCC Wednesday! We loved it!


A Pirate of the Carribean

Hey! That's the guy who started it all!

Old Friends

Brenda catches up with her high school friend, Donna

New Friends

Folks we met in line and ran into later as well!

You KNOW these folks love Toy Story Midway Mania! They're shirts say so!!

Janet & John: We met multiple times during our stay--AND they are our neighbors!

Family Fun

Rebecca & Brandon enjoy a pre-meal magical moment

Nick & Jennifer stroll for a privately discovered magical memory

Fantastic Shows

Lumiere and all sing, dance, and make merry!

Nemo and his dad sing, swim, dance, and amaze

Brenda caught the Hero Car mid-air!

Helpful Sales Team

This young lady not only helped us, but invited us to visit her in China!

Moving Melodies

Voices of Liberty: Our favorite musical entertainment--we go again and again!

British Invasion Band: Great memories, great performances

Pleasing Percussionists

Awesome Activities

Brenda & Roger join Kim Possible Team to track down evil

Brenda creates her own Disney Magic at the Disney Drawing Academy

Surprising Revelations

Artwork revealed by taking flash photo as you enter Spaceship Earth

What character does Brenda most resemble? You guessed it: Tinkerbell!

Amazing Aminals

Lion looks as "lunch" rolls past--just hope he's not hungry!

Tiger is ready for a nap

Not all the animals are dangerous--though this one is a bit of a talker

Dreams Come True

A young princess is escorted by an older princess

Santa and Bride up close and personal

Kissing between courses

Now, we know that some of the folks who ask us:

Why go back to Walt Disney World?

Have never been.

While others have.

We have no idea what the former imagine WDW is like; or why the latter fail to be as entranced and enchanted as we are.

To us, Disney World IS a magical place, where strangers are friendly, danger is unlikely, and everything works together to create a lovely, magical experience filled with wonder, awe, fun, frolic, fantasy, and kindness.

To us, Disney World is a place where we love to go, love to be, and would love to stay.

To us, Disney World is a place that brings out the absolute best and finest in people.

And we love to share it with everyone we know.

We’ll be there soon, so stay tuned.

Until then,

So long!

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