Brenda & Roger

Brenda’s Magical Day at Magic Kingdom

In Dreams Come True on September 15, 2011 at 7:40 pm

Craig, from Galsgow, Scotland, gave Brenda a great tip for high scores at Buzz Lightyear

Today was Brenda’s Magical Day!

First, we played a record four rounds on Buzz Lightyear’s Galactic Patrol. There was absolutely no waiting (this was during the magic hour before the park opened to the public), and there were even many empty cars.

On our third trip in, Craig (photo above) noticed we kept circling back, so he asked who was winning. Brenda said Roger always scored highest in this game, so Craig shared a secret tip with Brenda, and she won the next round!

Brenda smashes Roger!

We went on “It’s A Small World,” and while riding, both Brenda and Roger recalled there were some hidden Mickeys, but of course NOT where! So Brenda asked a couple of cast members for help, which they provided, and we got right back on for another trip. We spotted the ones they mentioned, and even took photos, but they came out poorly so you can’t see. But we will share them with anyone who asks!

We did get a photo of a “controversial” hidden Mickey: the Koala bears!

Are the Koala bear heads "Hidden Mickeys"?

The folks also said there were only two Americans depicted in the lands (I know there are 300 dolls in all–plus the animals). We found them!

The only two Americans depicted in "It's A Small World"

We left “It’s A Small World,”

Good By!

But Brenda continued her quest for hidden Mickeys. She received clues from a Cast Member at the Haunted Mansion (we found 1 of 2), and we enjoyed all the new elements at this attraction, including the musical tombs on the way in, as well as books that pop out mysteriously. There was no real line today, but when there are, it will help keep the guests smiling. We also admired the new graves.

New Ghouls at Haunted Mansion

We had lunch at the Plaza.

Our server, Heather from Michigan

Brenda asked Heather where SHE went for vacation, and Heather said that when she decided to move to Disney World from Michigan, every day would be a vacation. And for her, it has been ever since!

Brenda had a turkey sandwich, Roger had a Reuben. Mmmmmm. And a banana split (split) for desert!

Roger LOVES banana splits!

We decided to end our day laughing, so went back to the laugh floor. They choose folks from the audience, and Brenda had her mind read! She really got the crowd going, especially when she did her “Haiiiiii–chi-chi-chi-chi-cha!” call!

Brenda, one of the STARS of the Laugh Floor

So then we wound our way back to the exit. It’s Halloween in the Magic Kingdom.

Now THAT's a Mick-O-Lantern!

Bat-O-Lantern at Casey's

Frank-O-Lantern, also at Casey's

But then Brenda spotted a place she had never been before, “Behind the Scenes with Mickey Mouse.” There was absolutely no line, so in we went.

Check it out!

Pooped, we headed home.

Farewell to a Magical Day!


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