Brenda & Roger

Another Memorable Day at EPCOT!

In Dreams Come True on September 16, 2011 at 7:53 pm

While we were strolling to our bus stop, we saw our Epcot bus rolling toward us. Next we discovered that our resort is pretty close to Epcot, so our ride was only a few minutes. Therefore, we got to Epcot well over an hour before it opened!

The sun rises on Spaceship Earth

We are first in line--by a lot!

Brenda discovered a new type of jewelry–beads made from rolled up discarded Disney World paper products.

Monica prepares Brenda's earrings

You can check it all out at:

We watched a dolphin match forms at the Seas.

To indicate his "final answer," he blows bubbles

On the “Garden Tour” in the Earth (after we went Soarin’), Brenda’s quick eyes spotted a hidden Mickey in the labs.

Mickey formed by colored test tubes in lab

A larger, but blurrier, view

Then Brenda noticed a Mickey on the fife & drum drum.

See the Mickey?

Do you see it now?

In France, we watched a show, juggling and acrobatics.

Four chairs, a magnum of champagne, and a man suspended

Then lunch at the Patisserie: turkey & brie on baguette, chocolate cake, and creme brule.

Ooooo la la: Eeees Gude!

And before we left, we visited Spaceship Earth. Tried to see the hidden Mickeys, but we’re still trying! We did get a view into our future, and we’re thin!

That's us in the future!

Can you see us now?

If you want to watch the mini-video, let us know and we’ll send you a copy or a link.

Our day becomes our memory

And we retire, and start all over again tomorrow!

  1. LOVE the Patisserie! -Like a quick trip to France! XO

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