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Christmas at Walt Disney World

In Dreams Come True on November 10, 2011 at 6:34 pm

Here we are, less than a month away from enjoying Christmas decorations at Disney World!!  Last year Brenda went in December with her daughter, Jennifer.  Here’s a re-post of last years view

This is from the Osborne Family Light Spectacular!!  (not Ozzy… a family from Arkansas). The Osborne’s town got tired of the traffic to come and see the lights, and finally the family donated them to Walt Disney World. And as you would expect, Disney took the more than 3 million lights, and “plussed” them! So now, the 10 miles of lights are all LEDs, requiring 30 miles of extension cords, all held together with 2 million ties!

It’s perfectly fitting we should celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (11/11/11) by visiting WDW to enjoy the holiday lights and the Christmas decorations. After all, it was at WDW that we celebrated our honeymoon!

From WDW, and Beyond!

And of course our Home Christmas includes some Disney Decorations:

One of our earliest WDW ornaments

We love the ornaments with the year, so we can remember when we got them!

A nice frame with all the folks who enjoyed this trip! (Kenny, Nancy, Brenda, Jennifer & Roger)

Luckily, WDW keeps making new ornaments!

We have an Angel on our tree

Mickey goes all to pieces around Christmas

Gawrsh, guess we'll be seeing you soon--@ WDW!

Let the WDW Christmas countdown begin!

Happy Thanksgiving!

& Merry WDW Christmas!

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