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Grand Finale: Disney Hollywood Magic!

In Dreams Come True on September 27, 2012 at 7:57 pm

Our final park day was at Disney Hollywood.

First stop: Toy Story Midway Mania!

Nick and Jenn enter the Toy Story Midway Mania Vehicle

We hustled to the game, got Fast Passes, played, returned later, played again. Nick was high scorer in all the games. Good shootin’, pardner! Now we call him “Dead-Eye.”

We did the back lot tour, which was delayed, and so they skipped over the first part where they dump water on a guest. That’s the second time they’ve skipped that when Brenda and I went!

We ate, we wandered. The Animation Academy was not open until 1:00, because the instructors were learning a new character. We came back but chose to wait until the 1:30 so we would be at a table, not holding a board on our laps. We drew Woody.

While waiting, I offered a pin to three youngsters, and also locked their new treasures so they wouldn’t lose them. They were very happy to have some Disney Magic.

Sharing the Magic!

The happy recipients of Ford Family Disney Magic!

Recipients of some Magic

We were treated like Kings and Queens (really, they kept calling Nick and me, “King,” and Brenda and Jennifer, “Queen”) at the Sci Fi Dine In Theater. We saw the future, and it does not look good. Giant monsters (including a 50 foot woman and a colossal man) and beautiful (but, alas, evil) women from outer space.

After lunch (about 3 PM), Nick and Jennifer decided to test their stomaches on the Tower or Terror and Aereosmith Rocking Roller Coaster, as well as enjoy the “Lights, Camera, Action!” stunt car extravaganza.

Brenda and I came back to our room.

But first I checked the pin book at the resort store. There I met more young pin traders, who were looking for specific pins. I told them I’d check what I had. They were mightily impressed. Brenda asked, “Do you have pins to trade?” And a young lady said, emphatically, “Oh, YES I do!”

They did.

I was puzzled at first, because they would just hand me a pin, rather than ask me what I’d like. Not that I cared. But then the cashier offered her pin collection, and laughed, saying, “I’m an actual cast member.” Then I realized the kids were “trading” like they do with cast members.

Which I hope means I’m soon to join the Disney Cast!

After all, I did audition for the Goofy act.

Roger auditions for the knife throwing act

Well, goodnight for now!

May the Magic be with you!





Day 3 EPCOT & more new friends

In Dreams Come True on September 27, 2012 at 6:16 am

Today was EPCOT day… my personal favorite park.  We did not get there before opening!!  Yes, I know, I was as shocked as you!!  We just didn’t make it out of our room soon enough, had to wait a little longer for a bus, and have we told you about the long walk it is from the elevator to our room??  Well, it’s gotten to be quite a joke… it may even be about a half mile… no really!!  When we jump off the elevator, rooms start at 7801, 7802, evens on one side, odds on the other.  Well, our room is 7867!!!  Yes, we have to walk by 32 sets of rooms!!!  You think I’m kidding… it actually keeps us from going down to the store in our resort, it keeps me from going down to get coffee in the morning.  Now, I don’t mind walking, mind you, we do plenty of that all day.  Next time we make reservations, we’re going to ask to be closer!!

Another lesson on this trip… we paid the extra DVC points this time for a “Savannah” view room.  I have been quite disappointed with our view…  yes we’ve seen some animals, but NOTHING like what we saw our last trip when we stayed at Jambo house in a room we did not reserve on the Savannah!!!  Remember, we had siting’s many times of giraffes and zebras and ostrich.  This time, we have not seen ONE giraffe from our room, not one zebra, not one ostrich.  Cattle, yes; little Tommie gazelle, yes; Red River hogs, yes.  Oh-Oh, it sounds like I’m complaining.. not really, just an observation…  Jambo House has better Savannah View rooms.

However, I digress… back to our day.

We bee-lined it to Soarin’, got Fast Passes for later.  Our lunch reservations were at Biergarten in Germany, so we took our time moseying over.  Met Jennifer & Nick there.  Had our usual fabulous buffet.  Jennifer & Nick both ordered the beer samplers… 4, maybe 4 oz, of their different beer.  Quite a nice assortment.  When the band played, we recognized all the players.. they’ve been performing for quite a few years.

We met some wonderful new friends on Wednesday.  And in a most unusual spot.  Shopping!!!  We were in Mouse Gears at EPCOT… you know how quiet & shy Roger is?!!!  HA HA… he got chatting with a woman & man, turns out it’s their 1.5 year anniversary AND pin collectors.  All were waiting for the 5 pm Pin Trading Board!  Mouse Gears brings out the big, felt bulletin board, full of pins.  Guests get to trade up to 3 pins.  Anyway, off the track.  So this couple are waiting to trade, just like us;  I mention we had been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party Tue night and they said they were going Fri night and already had their Fast Passes!!  WOW, how did they do that???  Well, the man says to the woman, “I could kill you.”  Turns out she let the cat out of the bag and that they were Cast Members!!!  How cool was that?  They are on a college intern program from California.  Here is just another example of Cast Members also loving to collect pins!!

The more Cast Members we meet, the more that tell us they love their jobs, and the more we want to be there.  WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?????

Not So Scary Magic Kingdom Day

In Dreams Come True on September 26, 2012 at 8:21 am

Can You Spell Love?

Using only Disney collectible pins?

A-B-C the Disney Way.

Katie and Joshua can. They’ve collected the entire alphabet of Disney pins. “We got them all trading with people at the parks,” Joshua says proudly. They like completing the sets at the parks because it gives them something to focus on.

It’s good they have the pins to spell “love,” since they are very much IN LOVE, and on their honeymoon, having been married only a couple of days ago. Good way to start your marriage is with a good heaping helping of Disney Magic!

Oh, and Katie and Josh, we have the Cap’n Hook bowling pin pin. If that’s how you say it. We’ll keep an eye out for you newly weds as we explore the parks. (Today we’re at Epcot, tomorrow Disney Hollywood.)

Meanwhile, Disney Magic made one of Roger’s Dreams Come True: he was chosen at the Monstors, Inc. Laugh Floor as “That Guy.” Not his first stage appearance (what with being a recovering stand-up comic and conducting seminars and programs for many, many, many (hey!), MANY years), not even at the Laugh Floor (Brenda was once selected as “The Queen of Bling” and Roger as “The King of Bling,” referring to their Disney pin lanyards; Brenda was also part of the mind reading show), but it WAS his first stint as “That Guy.” And an adoring (well, young) fan spotted him later in the day at the Hall of Presidents. Ah, Fame, it is fleeting.

Roger IS: That Guy!

Well, the blog Gods are not happy, and it’s not easy getting the photos in, and we’re raring to get going, so, goodbye for now!

See you later!


Lions and Tigers and Families, Oh My!

In Dreams Come True on September 24, 2012 at 7:53 pm

“Who’s going on Kilimanjaro Safari?”

“We are!”

Looks like our Cast Member may also be adopted into the Colletti family!

The young lady cast member who had asked that question followed up by asking Tom Colletti if his family would like to be the First Family on Kilimanjaro Safari. Tom replied, “We’re a party of 10–we just adopted these two.”

So why would Tom want to adopt us? Because a few minutes earlier, we treated his four children to free trading pins. We buy the pins on eBay, just to make a little Disney Magic by handing them out to youngsters just starting their collections. AND to add to our own stash of Tinkerbell (Brenda) and Goofy (Roger) pins.

We all rode in the first vehicle of the day, with our very own personal tour guide–the same very pleasant, funny, and wonderful Cast Member.

She took a picture of us with our new found family.

The newly extended Colletti Clan

We saw the usual suspects.

Is he heading for us?

Who’s looking at who?

Then we left our new family (but saw them again at Finding Nemo, The Musical, which is so perfect!), and joined up with our own family, Jenn and Nick.

Jen & Nick Safari’in


We went on Kilimanjaro Safari.

Road Rhino

Is he heading our way?

We attended Finding Nemo, The Musical, and then Nick and Jenn went on Expedition Everest. After that we ate at Yak ‘n Yeti–delicious!

We saw tigers.

Tiger gives us a look

And later Nick and Jenn went back on Expedition Everest. Brenda and Roger met them back at Kilimanjaro Safari.

The Cast Member guiding us to our line admired one of Roger’s pins: the Muppet Swedish Chef. Roger popped it off and gave it to her. She protested, but we insisted. After all, Cast Members deserve a bit of magic as well!

A Happy Cast Member displays her new Swedish Chef Disney Pin

So even though this was our third trip of the day, we saw things we hadn’t seen before, and some Brenda and Roger have never seen before, like a bull elephant pooping.


And some familiar sights.

A good night from Mr. Lion

So, when people ask us, “Why do you keep going back to Disney World?”

It’s because of folks like the Colletti’s, who become our new family.

It’s to share the Magic with kids and their families.

It’s to share good food, good times, and good fun with our own families.

And to make new friends of the wonderful Cast Members we are privileged to meet.

And the Magic never stops at Disney World, especially when you bring a little bit with you to share with others.

Walt Disney World or BUST

In Dreams Come True on September 24, 2012 at 5:42 am

I lost the beginning of my post… I actually don’t know what happened… so let me re-write…

Our excitement level for the week prior was extremely HIGH.  We had to endure working Friday, not sure we would get through it without exploding!!  Although Roger needed to endure working Saturday as well.  Sunday morning, we all needed to calm Roger’s anxiety level, therefore we picked up Jennifer & Nick at 5:45 AM for an 8:40 AM flight.  You know, you never know what could happen on your way to the airport… like a flat tire or detour or accident in the highway or a meteor falling to earth in front of us AND to top it off, NASCAR chose to have their race at NHIS the very same weekend as our departure!!!  We finally made it the 45 minutes it takes to get to the Park & Fly.  We boarded, took off, landed, rode the Disney Magical Express, and checked into Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Kidani Village without incident!!

A new concept for us upon arrival… we rested!  Jennifer made reservations at T-Rex in DownTown Disney for 5:15.  We took our time, did some shopping and arrived in plenty of time, about 30 seconds!

T-Rex hosting Jennifer & NIck

This restaurant seats 945 people and I do believe it was filled to capacity. Every 20 minutes, the lights dim for the upcoming meteor shower. This is the “room” we were in, an undersea depiction with Jelly Fish.

This published before I was ready!!!

We used extra points to have a Savannah view.  We were delighted to see African Red River Hogs, Ankole Cattle, Okapi, and Thomson’s Gazelles.

Animal Kingdom Park has Early Magic Hours Monday, therefore Roger & I will leave early enough to arrive 7:15 ish.  It IS important for us to be close to the entrance upon opening.  Our plan is to go to African Safaris first then enjoy breakfast at Pizzafari.  Yes Pizzafari… it offers a very nice breakfast that is NOT pizza.  Jennifer & Nick will sleep a little longer & meet us there a little later.

Enjoy YOUR day and someday you TOO will be able to participate in the offerings of Walt Disney World, in the mean time, enjoy our diary!!!

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