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Magic @ Magic Kingdom, WDW

In Dreams Come True on December 7, 2012 at 5:25 am
We are Buzz Lightyear Rangers!!!

We are Buzz Lightyear Star Command Rangers!!!

Pretty Cool, huh?!!!  We had magic with Disney Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom.  We headed directly for Buzz Lightyear; Roger & I did go through 2 more times then onto the new Fantasy Land.  There was a Grand Opening today of Fantasy Land, but we didn’t stick around for that.  We made use of the time and experienced more rides!

It's a Small World

It’s a Small World

Small World, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Pirates of the Carribean, Carousel of Progress, People Mover.

We made reservations in the morning at Liberty Tree Tavern.  AND, we checked in, in a few moments our name was called but NOT for seating but for ringing the bell announcing it was time for lunch!!!  How cool was that?  There’s quite a knack to ringing a bell, I learned…

Now... how do you ring a bell??

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Let Freedom Ring.

We rode on the new “Under the Sea” with the Little Mermaid.  Mom really doesn’t like to step onto those moving floors.  In retrospect, we should have asked to slow them down, which they can.  Once she gets seated, it’s OK.

Ride a clamshell through the ocean to see Ariel.

Ride a clamshell through the ocean to see Ariel.

The animation was amazing and the colors were ______, I can't find the right word.

The animation was amazing and the colors were ______, I can’t find the right word.

We did get to see the 3:00 parade.  There were no parades that could be compared to the one in Animal Kingdom… that one was really incredible, awesome, imaginative, long, amazing… and the list goes on.

Some shopping on Main Street, USA, then back to our resort.  Time to prepare for our homeward trek   : ( .

We’ve had a great week.  I think, rather I know, Mom had a great time.  Mom is vegan and was a bit concerned if she would be able to find food she could eat.  She was very pleased to know she COULD find plenty of choices everywhere we went.  She told our waiter and all very extremely  helpful, especially our server at Wolfgang Puck’s in Westside, Downtown Disney.  I’m glad we were able to share the Disney Magic…

Our next trip is in May 2013 to participate in the Flower & Garden Show.  We’ll be staying at Boardwalk, like we did on our honeymoon.



Brenda & Roger


Osborne Family Dancing Lights @ Disney Hollywood

In Dreams Come True on December 6, 2012 at 6:17 am

You KNOW we had another exceptional day!!!

We sat on a different side than usual at Indiana Jones Stunt… what a wonderful thing!!  We saw things on stage we hadn’t seen before!!  From now on we will sit in a different section, just to get a different point of view!!

P1030857NO, we not having a flood nor is it raining… it’s Catastrophe Canyon!!

Mom enjoyed the buffet at Hollywood & Vine even though we didn’t know the characters… ALTHOUGH she knew Dora the Explorer… they had quite a nice assortment of vegan food.

When we went to Beauty & the Beast, we left the wheelchair at the top & Mom walked down so we could get a much better view.  It was awesome.  The other day when we were at Animal Kingdom, at the Nemo the Musical show, we sat in the very back, handicap row and I felt it was a lousy view… couldn’t see the actors very well.. I would advise, if you can, to walk to a more central seat, down lower in the auditorium.

We went to Animation Studio and drawing class… Roger was particularly excited… we drew Goofy!!  We handed out our saved “tubes” to families waiting for drawing class… all thought it was an excellent idea!!

A "Tube" happy crowd!!

A “Tube” happy crowd!!

Osborne Family Light Spectacular is  SPECTACULAR

Osborne Family Light Spectacular is SPECTACULAR

The Osborne Family Light Spectacular WAS   S P E C T A C U L A R!!!  There was some new music with different light arrangements… I really like the Transiberian Orchestra music.  The crowd was shoulder to shoulder.  After the first set, we tried to inch our way down through the crowd… it took 30 minutes to go from one end to the other!!!  AND  literally an inch at a time!!!  Having a wheelchair or stroller does complicate the trek!!   Mom said that even though she had seen our photos from previous years, she had no idea of the magnitude of this show.  You know, we take for granted everyone knows what’s going on… a family asked us why there were all these people along the street, is there going to be a parade?  They didn’t know about the pending light show!!!  It had gotten cool during the evening… Mom in shorts, was cold.  The only thing I had in my backpack was a Guiradelli cloth bag… she put that over her legs, that made a huge difference.  She didn’t want us or her to buy a blanket or throw, since of course, we had many….  at home!!!

The other thing we didn’t know what the Hollywood Studios closed at 7 pm!!!  The Osborne lights started at 6, we left that area for the front, got to the front about 7:10, JUST MISSING a bus, had to wait 20 min for the next, then we were in this huge traffic jam… and I do mean HUGE!!   With the closing at 7, so were all the people driving cars!!  We didn’t get back to our resort until 8!!!

Magic Kingdom on Thursday!!

Merry Waltmas!

In Dreams Come True on December 5, 2012 at 8:26 pm
Walt was born December 5, 1901

Walt was born December 5, 1901

We learned today that the proper Cast Member greeting in recognition of Walt Disney’s birthday is: Merry Waltmas!

Cake was served “in the office!”

And thanks to Disney Vacation Club recruiter (who’s name I forgot to write down!) for telling me Walt’s birthday was today!

Trivia Question was: When is Walt Disney's Birthday? It was today!

Trivia Question was: When is Walt Disney’s Birthday? It was today!

We celebrated by enjoying Disney Hollywood, Hollywood & Vine buffet lunch, Toy Story Midway Mania (Marcia laughed all through both rounds!), Beauty & the Beast, Indiana Jones Stunt Show, Mulch, Sweat & Shears, and the Osborne Family Lights.



Candlelight Procession @ WDW with Andy Garcia

In Dreams Come True on December 5, 2012 at 7:35 am

We had another exceptional day!!! sunny, temps in the 80’s, no humidity!  good thing since we walked from one end to the other a couple of times.

Early morning to EPCOT

Early morning to EPCOT

We started off at Spaceship Earth, which is a very good place to start plus we got to use the handicap entrance.  Roger unfortunately had to ride alone however he did have a cute little blond assistant!!

Off to Soarin’ we enjoyed the greenhouse ride, Living on the Land, then Circle of Life.  It really is fun watching and listening to someone who hasn’t done these.  Mom really enjoyed them.

Eventually we headed over to Via Napoli, clear on the other side of World Showcase, in Italy for our lunch.  Then back to Canada, near the beginning, for the Disney Vacation Club Christmas Party.  Then back across to The American Adventure to watch the Candelight Procession.

The Whole Gang

The Whole Gang

Andy Garcia was our guest celebrity at the Candlelight Processional.  Of course, you know, it was AMAZING!!  The music made the hairs on my arm stand straight up!!

IMG_0484 P1030831

Christmas at Animal Kingdom, WDW

In Dreams Come True on December 3, 2012 at 7:10 pm


What a magnificent day we had!!!  Today was Early Magic Hours @ 8 am, we were there at 7:30ish.  Everyone is so excited.

We asked for the very back seat and they gave it to us!  they were even more than happy to snap our photo w/ our Safari driver

We asked for the very back seat and they gave it to us! they were even more than happy to snap our photo w/ our Safari driver

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Yak & Yeti.  Mom is vegan, and they were kind enough to substitute rice for the noodles.  Her plate was so large, she’s got enough for 3 more meals!!

Mom's Mountain of Rice & Veggies from Yak & Yeti

Mom’s Mountain of Rice & Veggies from Yak & Yeti


This is Tue morning… let me try this again!!  I think, perhaps, this blog hosting site was having issues!!  certainly couldn’t be me!!!

Roger doing his thing, sharing pins with kids starting their collection

Roger doing his thing, sharing pins with kids starting their collection

We waited for the parade, a new event for us, but well worth it… the “floats” were amazing… as well as the contraptions attached to castmembers…

These character tagalongs were amazing...

These character tagalongs were amazing…

It's a MOOSE!!!

It’s a MOOSE!!!

And it wasn’t just a short parade… it lasted at least 30 min.



It is a lot of walking at each of the parks.  My Mom, 82 years young!!, thought she would have no problem walking from place to place. She finally conceded it was a lot more walking than she imagined… today we rented a wheelchair.  She felt embarrassed, old.  I tried to look at the positive side… she’d be able to see 3 times more, wouldn’t get as tired, wouldn’t have to sit on those hard seats as she would be able to enjoy her comfy seat.  If you’re bringing a loved one with you and they don’t want to use a wheel chair, show them a map of where you’re going once they’ve done some walking!!!  I think you’ll find they’ll change their mind!!!  Mom is very strong willed and quite independent and if she could change her mind, anybody could!!!

Pluto greeting Mom... where is Mom you ask... see at the very bottom that red fingernail?  that's hers!!!!

Pluto greeting Mom… where is Mom you ask… see at the very bottom that red fingernail? that’s her!!!!

Kickin’ It @ Saratoga Springs in WDW!

In Dreams Come True on December 2, 2012 at 6:34 pm

Up by 2:30 AM (or 3:00 for some) to slide on slippery slopes to Manchester NH Airport.

Plane got us to Orlando nearly 30 minutes early, then after boarding the Magical Express bus (which already had quite a few people in it), we were off in just a few minutes!

Soon we were at Saratoga Springs. Our room was not ready, so we headed to lunch at Wolfgang Pucks.

Lunch at Wolfgang Pucks

Lunch at Wolfgang Pucks

Shopped for essentials at Downtown Disney.

Candy Cauldron

Candy Cauldron Carries Must Have Wares

At the Disney Store, Roger gave two pins to new pin traders of the Lewis Family.

Lewis Family

New pin traders!

Back to Saratoga. Thanks for the ride, Captains Asher & Scott (Asher is the main Captain, about 2 feet tall).

Capns Asher & Scott

Captain Asher welcomes us aboard!

Back to Saratoga around 3–a 12 hour day. Room was still not ready, but was guaranteed by 4.

4 came and went. “It will definitely be ready by 5, or heads will roll.”

Five, no room.

Turns out the room WAS ready, but housekeeping forgot to push the “room’s ready!” button.

Finally got to our room by 5:30 PM, still no luggage! Called bell services. Our carry ons were delivered about 15 minutes later, and 45 minutes later, our checked luggage.

Not a disaster, but a bit frustrating.

However, due to the mishap, Disney will comp us  a good chunk of change go credit  charges to the room, so we’re exhausted, but happy!

So, we can only say,

It's Good To Be Home--Walt Disney World!

It’s Good To Be Home–Walt Disney World!

Back To Disney World!

In Dreams Come True on December 1, 2012 at 2:54 pm
We're in a Goofy Rush to Return to WDW!

We’re in a Goofy Rush to Return to WDW!

We’re up at 3:00 AM tomorrow morning, and then it’s Back To Disney!

Osborne Dancing Holiday Lights, Christmas Decorations, and more Disney Magic.

We’re sharing the Magic with Brenda’s Mom, Marcia, who’s 82 years young. We just hope we can keep up with her!

So after this trip, everyone pictured here will have been our guests at WDW!

Marcia (this trip's guest!), Brenda (her daughter), Nancy (Marcia's other daughter), Rebecca, and Jennifer (Brenda's 2 daughters)

Marcia (this trip’s guest!), Brenda (her daughter), Nancy (Marcia’s other daughter), Rebecca, and Jennifer (Brenda’s 2 daughters)

We arrive Sunday, December 2, at 9:00 AM. Lunch at Downtown Disney!

See you there!

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