Brenda & Roger

Boardwalk May 2013

In Dreams Come True on May 5, 2013 at 8:12 pm

I call it our 2nd Anniversary of our Honeymoon of 2003.  Sounds confusing!!  Our honeymoon was in 2003, even though we got married in 2001.  We stayed at the Boardwalk!!  So here we are 10 years later @ Boardwalk… hence 2nd Anniversary of Honeymoon!!

We have arrived, safe & sound.  Trip to Manchester Airport was uneventful.. thankfully.  When we arrived here at Disney’s Boardwalk, our room wasn’t ready… sounds a bit familiar.  We had lunch reservations, originally for 1:15 at Les Chefs in France.  Roger asked what if we’re late?  so I was able to change it to 1:50.  We had to get our new Annual Passes at Guest Relations.  We had plenty of time, we hadn’t figured on the family at the window was there, no kidding, 15 minutes and that’s just while we were there, I don’t know how long they had been there before we arrived!!!  I never could figure out what their problem was!!

We arrived at Les Chefs @ 1 pm!!!  they were able to take us right away!!  It was quite good.

Brenda & Roger @ Les Chefs in France

Brenda & Roger @ Les Chefs in France

We shopped the rest of the afternoon and wandered around World Showcase @ EPCOT.

Back to Boardwalk, our room was now ready, we got a pizza at the Pizza Shop (!!) on the Boardwalk as well as ice cream.

We tried to watch a dvd, but could not figure out.  Roger called the desk, the woman tried to help him & this still was not accomplished, she sent up a technician.  The tech could not get it to work either!!  Tomorrow someone will come in & figure out WTH is going on!!

To bed early… Tomorrow Animal Kingdom, early!!


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