Brenda & Roger

EPCOT & Magic Kingdom in one day!!!

In Dreams Come True on May 7, 2013 at 8:22 pm

Today our day started off a bit on the bizarre side…  EPCOT had early magic hours, opening at 8.  When we take the bus to a park, we get there at least 30 minutes early, sometimes 45!!  Today we were able to walk to EPCOT.  We arrived at the International Gateway (also known as the back entrance) about 7 am!!  Gate locked…  Roger asked me if I had Boardwalk Inn’s phone number in my phone…   nnnoooo, why would I??!!!  We decided to walk back to find out if this gate would open early too.  Much to our happiness, along comes a cast member… a boat captain.  He said he has to be to work at the boat for 7:30, so the gate would have to be open by then.  And sure enough, the gate was opened at 7:30!

Roger & the Captain.

Roger & the Captain.

We enjoyed Soarin’ and got a fast pass.. like we always do.  Got a Fast Pass for the new & supposedly improved Fast Track by Chevy.  Neither of us are car people, and testing a car’s performance is really not in my realm of interest.  Now we’ve done it, probably won’t again!!!

We headed over to Magic Kingdom via the monorail, a new adventure for us.

We love going to the Monster’s Laugh Floor.  Roger was again picked on as “That Guy.”

That Guy!!!

That Guy!!!

We had a reservation at one of the new restaurants in the expanded Fantasyland, “Be Our Guest.”  It was quite good.  A limited menu, we started with French Onion Soup, basket of rolls — both excellent.  Roger chose the Roasted Cornish Hen and I the Strip Steak.  We divided each of our servings in half, giving it to each other, served with fresh veggies and either fries or potato wedges.   Both were excellent.

The Beast... my he's BIG!!

The Beast… my he’s BIG!!

  1. Glad you’re having fun! Yesterday I missed you Brenda! It was a very busy one with two docs, but we all muttled through….wish I were there! The weather has been excellent, rain tonite and tomorrow, but we need it, so they say. I think summer should have no rain and no bugs!! Just high 70s, low humidity……oops, just woke up! lol Have a great rest of the week! Love ya!!

    • Hello Linda… I’m thinking positive thoughts about you EVERY day…just 1 doc today? You’ll be ready for a vaca when I get back!! Have fun @ Barry Manilow concert… I know you & T will… Keep Smiling! love ya

  2. Having fun I see!!

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