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In Dreams Come True on May 8, 2013 at 7:24 pm
DH Hat

The Soon To Be Disappearing Hat at Disney Hollywood

We’ve heard from one of the Disney Blogs we follow that the Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney Hollywood is being removed. Today, we were at the front of the line (of course!) and asked the Cast Member about that, and he confirmed it was going. Seems it blocks the view of the Grummond Chinese Theater. It will be relocated to the front area before entering the park.

While we were waiting to get into Epcot that early morning days ago, the guard there asked us if any of us remembered the Mickey Hand next to “Space Ship Earth,” the geodesic dome (crafted into a sphere by Disney Imagineers). We did. He went on to explain it was removed because some guest complained they didn’t like it. Then he warned us to be careful what we say to Disney, because they may act on it very quickly!

Of course, as soon as we could enter the park, Brenda and Roger “booked” for Toy Story Midway Mania. Brenda was the first guest of the day to get Fastpasses!

Then we went right through the line to the ride, and Brenda scored the high score for our vehicle! 143,300. Her highest score ever. Roger’s score was HIS highest, too. Brenda wasn’t quite quick enough on the draw to get a photo of the sign saying her score was best in vehicle, a mistake she wouldn’t make again.

Brenda's BIV

Brenda’s best score ever, Highest score we’ve ever achieved, AND Best In Vehicle!


Because later ROGER’s score was Best in Vehicle! The score was lower than Brenda’s, but the best in Vehicle for that trip.

Roger's BIV

Roger’s Best In Vehicle Score


Brenda captured the PROOF it was Best in Vehicle!

We’d love to share the sophisticated strategies we used to score these highest scores, but since we really don’t have any, we’ll just say the Midway Maniac MoJo was with us on this trip!

Because there were very light lines, Brenda and Roger went through the ride 3 times in a row, by which time their Fastpasses were active. So it was a great morning! We had gone through twice before 9 AM, the official start time of the park. All four trips were complete by 10 AM.

Next up was the Animation Academy, where we drew Tangled’s Flynn Rider.


No, this is NOT one of our drawings!

Then, we watched Beauty and the Beast.

And then walked back to Boardwalk for a quick lunch of leftovers, and out to the “Welcome Home Wednesdays Family BBQ.” We have never attended one of these events (well, except at Christmas when we go to the party). We got there and were greeted by our “Cousins.”


The Cousins we never knew

They had a series of games and competitions.


Balancing a Slinky on their heads (no one managed to do it)

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a picture of the “Oldly Weds” game, because we were contestants! Four tricky questions about cuisines your mate would choose–2 for Brenda about Roger, and 2 for Roger about Brenda. We did very well, but just missed the last question, which was a 2 pointer (rather than 1), and so we came in second. Not that it mattered, we all got the same prize–pins!

We agreed it was fun, but not anything on our “must do every time” list.

Then Downtown Disney, a few strategic purchases, ice cream sundaes for dinner, and back to rest up for tomorrow’s adventures at Magic Kingdom & Epcot!



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