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Still in Florida

In Dreams Come True on December 16, 2013 at 5:29 am
Thank you Nick!!!

Thank you Nick!!!

Well, we are at the Hampton Inn in Orlando, about 1 mile from the airport… we can be ready in a moment’s notice.  However, after checking the flights going to Manchester, we will still have to wait until Tue night!!

Yesterday we went to Walmart.  This hotel has a complimentary shuttle.  We bought underwear, socks, shirts, a curling iron, hairspray & gel, makeup (for Brenda!!),  couple of grinders to share over the next couple of days.  Most of our luggage is stored @ Orlando Airport waiting for a flight to NH!!!

We’ll be home for Christmas….you can count on that…!!!!


Extending our Florida Vacation!!

In Dreams Come True on December 14, 2013 at 7:58 pm

When we got up this morning, I saw that the storm was going to be pretty bad on Sunday, our departure day.  So when Roger got up, I asked him what he thought about trying to leave today!!  “Sure.”  So I was able to change our flight to tonight @ 6:30 .  We packed up all our stuff and went to check our bags through the Resort. I couldn’t get our boarding passes when I changed the flight, but the Resort was able to get Roger’s. So we checked 2 of our 3 bags (Roger does NOT travel light), and left the other to check in at the airport later.

We spent all morning and part of the afternoon at Hollywood Studios.  We got to play Toy Story Mania 3 times!!  We went to drawing class twice and I passed out all the tubes my friends saved for me (festively decorated with Christmas wrapping paper) to families to put their drawings in!!  They were very happy & said they would pass that info along!!

We left for Orlando Airport @ 2:30.  Roger had his boarding pass, but I still couldn’t get one.  We had 1 piece of luggage to check, so we waited in the horrible long line (about 45 min) only to find out the flights to Manchester were all canceled!!!  The ticket agent was incredibly helpful, but couldn’t find any way of getting us out before Tue night to Chicago to Manchester arriving midnight!!  She gave us a discount voucher, we’re staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites about 2 miles from the Airport… we’ll keep checking to see if we can leave sooner…  but our vacation is extended.  I always heard “be careful what you wish for!!  and I do remember saying we wanted to stay, but had to get back to our lives!!!

I have some books on my computer Kindle, so I’ll read… lots!!  Tomorrow we’ll take a Hampton Inn shuttle to Walmart.  We need some clothing type supplies, maybe a curling iron, hair gel, hair spray!!!  Most of our stuff is at the airport waiting to know when it should be shipped to NH!!  Those are the bags we dropped off this morning, 2 bags… with all our stuff!!  Oh Well… whatcha gonna do??

We’ll keep you posted!!

Animal Kingdom! & Fast Passes

In Dreams Come True on December 14, 2013 at 6:30 am

I’m actually writing this Sat  morning, but we were there Friday!!  No excuses, it’s just the way it is!!

Due to the fact I chose our Fast Passes for this trip more than a week ago, thanks to Disney’s new Magic Bands & selection of Fast Passes, we did not rush to Kilamanjaro Safari as we usually do, since we had a FP for 9:30!!  Our next FP was Finding Nemo, The Musical, then Festival of the Lion King.  Nemo & Lion King are new to the FP offerings & we weren’t sure we actually needed them, however, in the spirit of trying new things, we did and found for these 2, we didn’t really need FP.

One of our favorite shows @ WDW

One of our favorite shows @ WDW


New to the list of roaming animals —

Roaming Zebras

Roaming Zebras


Today we’re headed to Disney Hollywood… yes again for this trip.  We didn’t get to the Art of Disney drawing class which we really enjoy doing.  I’ve brought extra tubes, thanks to my friends at work who save them for me.  This time, I decorated them with “Santa” wrapping paper, just to be festive and fun!!!

This morning, I’m more concerned with the forecasted snow for Sunday… thinking we should get out today!!!  we’ll see what Roger thinks.  In any event, we didn’t bring a shovel with us, so digging out our car in Manchester, NH, could be a challenge!!

PS..  leaving today 6:40 pm nonstop to Manchester!!!

WDW & Magic Kingdom Thursday 12/12/13

In Dreams Come True on December 12, 2013 at 7:44 pm

This was an Extra Magic Hour day @ Magic Kingdom, so we left our room @ 6:50 AM!!  Let me start by saying we should have worn our sweatshirts this morning!!  It was a cold mist when we arrived at Magic Kingdom.

We met a pair of women, we’ll call them the Kindle Kids!!  She had all sorts of suggestions for Roger as he learns his Amazon Kindle. The Glasses Gal was another Disney-holic. She has her entire vacation scheduled on an Excel file on her Kindle. Including bathroom breaks! Roger told her she’d need more breaks than anything else if he was traveling with them!

Our Kindle Kid Friends from Maine!!  Thank you!

Our Kindle Kid Friends from Maine!! Thank you!

Our first stop as always, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster!!  We went through a total of 5 times… we love this game

Oops!!  You caught us!!

Oops!! You caught us!!

Laugh Floor  AND GUESS WHAT????  Roger was “That Guy” !!!!!!  AGAIN!!  this was #3

Laugh Floor @ Monster's Inc...  he's  "THAT GUY!"

Laugh Floor @ Monster’s Inc… he’s “THAT GUY!”

We had another Magical Day at the Magic Kingdom.  Had lunch @ Liberty Tavern, did not have reservations, but only waited 10 min.  We enjoyed some of our favorites… Pirates of the Carribean, Enchanted Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, Small World, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Under the Sea, and rounded it off with the steam train back to Main Street.

From here we headed to DownTown Disney… Brenda lost her Magic Band which allows access to our room, has our annual pass attached to it!!  By the time we got to Guest Services in DTD, someone must have already turned it in, because it was de-activated!!  They were kind enough to issue me a new one, however, certainly not as beautiful as the first and does not have “Brenda” printed on the back!!

It is early, but we both realized we almost dozed off during the Carousel of Progress ride… so we must be needing some extra zzzzzz’s!!!

I see it’s about 10 degrees at home, so 55 doesn’t seem so bad!!

to be continued….

Back!!!  eyes were having a hard time staying open!!

This young man wanted to meet “That Guy” from Monster’s Laugh Floor! Roger was able to overcome his natural shyness to comply. Plus it was his birthday, AND he loves Goofy, so Roger gave him a Goofy pin to add to his collection.

New Friends... 3 generations... He's a Goofy pin collector too!!

New Friends… 3 generations… He’s a Goofy pin collector too!!

Our pins do get us noticed.

Brenda’s been approached a few times with people asking questions–they assume she works for Disney! Well, that may happen yet.

Then something happened that has never happened to us before in all our many visits to DisneyWorld (people keep asking us HOW many times we’ve visited, so we’re going to try to figure that out after we get back home):

These fine new friends asked for our autographs! Whoo-hoo! So we’re officially celebrities. Or were, for a few moments. Not that we bribed them with pins. HEY, those pins were a gift!

Our New Friends from Houston Texas.  1st timers to WDW!!!    they are excited about being pin collectors.

Our New Friends from Houston Texas. 1st timers to WDW!!! they are excited about being pin collectors

Back to New FantasyLand... wearing our t-shirts from Grand Opening Day, Dec 6 2012

Back to New FantasyLand… wearing our t-shirts from Grand Opening Day, Dec 6 2012

Epcot Beginnings & Endings

In Dreams Come True on December 11, 2013 at 9:01 pm

We started our second day at Epcot. While in line, we met a family from South Carolina who are as fanatical about Disney World as we are! So naturally we handed out a few Disney pins.

More Disney Nuts

More Disney Nuts

Then Brenda ran, while Roger hobbled, on to Soarin’. We got the first row! Well, we did ask for it!

Soon we were wandering about, and decided to meet a few very friendly cast members.

It all started with this guy!

It all started with this guy!


John Meibaum asked Roger to give Minnie a kiss for him.

Roger, Minnie & Brenda

Roger, Minnie & Brenda

2 Goofs

2 Goofs

Three new friends!

Three new friends!

Goofy's a great listener (note the ears)

Goofy’s a great listener (note the ears)

While wandering through World Showcase, we met ANOTHER Disney-holic family, and rewarded them with pins. They surprised us by presenting us with a Tinkerbell and Goofy pin we didn’t already have!


These folks were really into pins and anything Disney!

We listened to Voices of Liberty 3 times in a row, then waited in the “express” line (we purchased lunch at Les Chefs Francias” and so had “reserved” seats at the show) for the Candlelight Processional. We were “in good hands” with our narrator,Dennis Haysbert, aka “The Allstate Guy.” Awesome program, as usual.

The Candlelight Processional

The Candlelight Processional

Then it was off to the buses, and back to the resort, and into bed (eventually).

Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom!

Merry Christmas!! from Walt Disney World Resort 12/2013

In Dreams Come True on December 10, 2013 at 8:39 pm

Let me begin by saying, we registered online to MyDisneyExperience, got sexy wrist bands (which have mini radio wave receiver & transmitter).  Even when we arrived to the Magical Express, all we needed to do was use our bands!!  No need to for the paper trail! Our annual pass is linked to it, our room is linked to it, everything we purchase is linked to it.  I was able to choose FastPasses for each day!!  up to 3 of them, also linked to our bands.

We’re so excited to tell you, we are back at Disney World!!  We arrived today, temps in the 80’s… whew, it was HOT!!  My sister, Nancy,  tells me this was actually National Hate Florida Day!!  just let me say it again.. We are so happy to be here.

We left Franklin @ 5:15 am, roads looked like there might be black ice, everyone on 93 drove cautiously, which I was glad about.  Checked luggage, through TSA checks and record time.  We departed on time, however, the pilot told us they were headed into 200 mph headwinds.  I feared BUMPY!!  but it wasn’t; it did take an extra half hour.  We boarded the Disney Magical Express right away, headed for Saratoga Springs Resort.  We stayed here last December when Mom came with us.  Our room was ready upon checkin, we changed our clothes and headed for Disney Hollywood Studios. 

We used our first online FastPass on ToyStory Mania!!  Being just the 2 of us, we got to go to the head of the line!!  I love it when that happens!!  I did end up with more points than Roger.  We decided to go again, so we got back in line and did have to wait 40 min, which was less than the 60 min it showed.  Brenda not only got more points than Roger, but was the high scorer for our car.  The couple behind us were from Toronto and they had told us the wife always wins!!

Headed over to watch Mulch, Sweat, & Shears, the rock group who, this time of year, sings Christmas songs; throw in some humor, it is a show we’ve always enjoyed watching.  First Roger was picked on… “What was your worse Christmas gift?”  Roger’s answer “Underwear.”  They made fun of that for awhile, throwing in some more jokes, including Brenda’s ad lib. The lead singer said, “She said not ‘tighty whities,’ but ‘whitie whities!’ They must have been blinding bright! THEN, the lead singer, came right over to Brenda, took her hand, noticed she was wearing a Disney Happy Birthday button, so he knew her name.  Gave her a set of bells & she proceeded to play with the band  as a World Famous bell ringer “Jingle Jane”!!!

Mulch, Sweat & Shears featuring Brenda!!!

Mulch, Sweat & Shears featuring Brenda!!!

The Osborne Family Dancing Lights were beautiful as always…  changed the songs up a bit, so was missing TransSiberian Orchestra, but they finally played it!!

By a quarter to seven, we were ready to head back to the resort, unpack, write this blog, and get to bed to prepare for another great Disney Magic Day tomorrow at Epcot–featuring the Candlelight Processional.

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