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Hollywood Studios 121114

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Osborne Family Lights Spectacular

Osborne Family Lights Spectacular

December 11, 2014

We spent our day at Disney Hollywood Studios.  As usual, Roger & I left for the Park arriving prior to the 9 a.m. opening.  Once we got through, we headed directly to Toy Story Mania, waiting in line about 10 minutes to play our first game.  I won.  Our second game, Jennifer & Nick joined us.  Roger beat me, but Nick was our vehicle winner AND winner for that hour!  Beginner’s luck (I think his 2nd game ever).

Roger & I went to Disney Animation Academy and took 2 classes.  The first we drew Baymax, a new character for us from Disney’s new movie Big Hero 6.  We have not seen the movie, so we really didn’t have a good sense of who we were drawing.  The second class, there weren’t enough seats, so Roger didn’t get to draw.  I drew Tinkerbelle!!  first time to draw her.

The Park was already fairly busy already.

We watched Beauty & the Beast and when exiting, this Cast Member was really getting into the theme song by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson… it was worth going back to photo him, then he really got into it!!!

Lip-Sinc of Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson "Tale as Old as Time."

Lip-Sinc of Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson “Tale as Old as Time.”

Roger’s Goofy sweatshirt decided to go on without us!!  We traced our steps, but couldn’t find him!  Traveled the distance back to the entrance & Guest Relations to see if he had been located, but had not.  We’ll check again when we leave.  It was fairly cool for Florida, so bought a long-sleeved T-shirt to help keep him warm.  Then traveled the distance back to the Streets of America and the Dancing Lights.  I find it so moving.  I love the Transiberian Orchestra music… the lights blinking, I just feel like I could explode. We were literally shoulder to shoulder to all the people there.  It took us about 30-35 minutes to get from one end of the street to the other.  I remember trying to get through that with Mom in a wheelchair — at really a snail’s pace.

STUDIO_OSBLIGHT2_7121616589 STUDIO_STDENTR2_7121594939

Called it a night.  Knew we had to get our boarding passes for our flight home at 7:10.  Roger had his Kindle & had internet connection until 7:08!!  we had to wait until we got back to our room.  Fortunately we had paid for the Early Bird confirmation for Jennifer & I, we just needed to get those boarding passes for the boys.

Our Disney Holiday is coming to a close for 2014.  We all have had a fabulous time, even with Roger & his hip/foot/knee pain & Nick with his back pain, a good night’s sleep got us all ready to go!

Merry Christmas to all!!!


Magic Kingdom — 121014

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December 10, 2014

This trip we purchased the Disney Memory Maker, so we had our photos taken often by the Disney Photographers AND when ever we went on a ride that takes your photo, believe it or not… there is a radio frequency that recognizes our Magic Band and automatically adds that photo to our collection.  A truly amazing technology.

Our day at Magic Kingdom was certainly magical!!  Roger & I started at BuzzLightyear Space Ranger!!  Both of us received the “Galactic Hero Award” for achieving 999,999 points!!  We didn’t achieve that today but these Star Rangers were impressed we played 4 times this morning!!  Just so you know, we HAVE EVER achieved this level!!

Brenda Receives "Galactic Hero Award"

Brenda Receives “Galactic Hero Award”

We met up with Jennifer & Nick for Pirates of the Caribbean with our Fast Pass, then jumped on to the Jungle Cruise, which is JINGLE Cruise during the holiday.  It was quite cute, our guide did a superb job.  We both thought there were some new additions to the ride besides the Christmas enhancements.

Jennifer & Nick went off to Thunder Mountain & Test Track where they built their own highly efficient race car!



We found Olaf (from Frozen). A snow cloud follows him all around, should glad it’s not following us!! The photographer who took this photo, was from Ashland originally, moved to Northfield, moved to Florida this past April. To him it was the best move he ever made!!

Lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern — we had a 1 pm reservation, arrived at 12:15 hoping to be seated earlier, she said it would be a little wait.  We sat at the coloring table & only got out 1 crayon before they called us!!!  that was awesome.

Roger made it again to the screen at The Laugh Floor… not as That Guy, but a guy that looked like a big banana (!), but was asked where he was from by one of the comedy monsters, Sam ‘an Ella.  Ella is a self-proclaimed geography expert.  She said New Hampshire was in the middle of the Caribbean and was right near the Eiffel Tower!!!


The afternoon we split again & agreed to meet at 5:30 near the Fireworks Terrace Dessert Party.  We were so looking forward to a dessert buffet & being able to watch the night show & fireworks from this most excellent viewing location.  However, when we arrived, there were others in front of us & the manager was explaining something about fireworks were at 10 and the dessert party would start at 9.  We were most confused about that!  He explained to us that the 6 pm reservation was simply a “generic time as a place holder” and that we were to have checked what time the night show was and that the dessert party would be 1 hour prior.  How were we supposed to know that??  We were not happy & marched right off to Guest Relations & explained all this to Ava.  She also seemed quite perplexed by this and said she would make a few calls to find out what was going on.  After about 10 minutes, she said exactly the same thing the manager had told us.  Was there another night we wanted to come back.  Roger informed her that we hardly ever stay up past 9 pm!!  I told her we would never have made the reservation if we knew the dessert party wouldn’t even start until 9 pm.  She asked what we was we wanted, I answered either a full refund or even a gift card in the full amount.  Again she left, came back & showed us the monitor showing we had a full $110 refund.  We were most appreciative.  I just knew they would make it right, eventually.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (aka roller coaster)!!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (aka roller coaster)!!

EPCOT 120914

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EPCOT_BACKSIDE 4_7119021321December 9, 2014

Hello Dear Family & Friends,

I don’t dare say anything about Florida weather, ‘cuz all of you would “dope slap” me!!  To those not in the Northeast, it was cool and temps expected to be in the 40’s tonight.

Another day we didn’t get an EARLY start, and nothing happened to me!!  I didn’t panic or have a melt down, I just accepted it.  When our EPCOT bus arrived, it was full, standing room only.  This nice gentleman from Iowa was kind enough to offer me his seat.  I should have asked if “Iowa was Heaven.”  (Field of Dreams!).  oops!!  should be Indiana!!

Thanks for your seat!!

Thanks for your seat!!

Soarin’ was first on our agenda — as always.  We met up with Jennifer & Nick for Soarin’ at 10.  We all enjoyed Figment of you Imagination.  Then Roger & I scurried off (Roger isn’t exactly scurrying due to some hip pain) to Biergarten to get us checked in for our lunch.  Can I just saw YUM?!!!  This was part of the Candlelight Processional Dinner Package, which if you are EVER at WDW in December you’ve  GOT to checkout the Candlelight Processional.  It’s amazing

We love eating at Biergarten...  I managed to smuggle out a few pretzel rolls... best ever!!

We love eating at Biergarten… I managed to smuggle out a few pretzel rolls… best ever!!


Jennifer & Nick with our server, Marion (?) who took very good care of us!!

Roger & I watched Voices of Liberty for a few sets.  Love them as always.  We noticed people lining up on the Dinner Package side around 3:15 for a 5 pm show!!!  Since Roger was not up to walking, he waited, I headed to the Bakery in France!!!  Looking for their famous chocolate cake, only to find this time of the year it is now Buche de Noel, which is also mighty tasty.

Jennifer & Nick joined us in line @ 4:20, found our seats at 4:35… Levar Burton was tonights narrator.  He was EXCELLENT.  I find the whole event quite stirring & emotional.

Levar Burton -- well deserving of his many awards for acting, directing, & producing

Levar Burton — well deserving of his many awards for acting, directing, & producing

On to Wednesday’s post!!



Hoop-Dee Doo Revue

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December 8, 2014

Yeeee–HHAAA!!  Howdy folks!

Animal Kingdom was our adventure for Monday!!  Roger & I had an interesting start to our day…  Since this was an Early Magic day, the park opening at 8, we left at 7:15, then waited 40 minutes for a bus to Animal Kingdom! which is quite surprising.  Once we got to the gate, of course there was no line because we missed the 8 am opening.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain... please not snow!

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain… please not snow!

Our Magic Bands would not allow us through the gate, the attendant said our passes were expired!  I don’t think so.  We headed to Guest Relations, explained we needed to “activate” our passes.  The Cast Member behind the glass, Susan from Rhode Island,  tells us our passes were rolled over back in February.  OH NO!!  we bought those with the understanding they would not be activated until we arrived in December.  She apologized for that cast member who gave us wrong information! that same person had also made one of our tickets a child!!  that cast member back in February made quite a few errors.  Well in the next 45 minutes, Susan was able to void our previous passes and activate them for December, which means our annual passes will be good until next December.  All of which is what we thought we had!!!

Roger & I went on our way, enjoying our morning with Kilimanjaro Safari, Festival of the Lion King, and Finding Nemo the Musical of course .  We met up with Jennifer & Nick @ 2 for our shared Kilimanjaro Safari.  They had gone to Expedition Everest — twice even!!  It’s a Bugs Life.  By then we were all pretty soaked!  Headed back to our resort, Saratoga Springs.

We needed to regroup for our entertainment of the night —  Hoop De Doo Musical Revue! at Fort Wilderness Campground.  The campsites are quite nice, all wooded, plenty of room between.  They offer horse-drawn wagon rides, which look like a lot of fun!!

Fort Wilderness Horse Drawn Wagon Rdes

Fort Wilderness Horse Drawn Wagon Rides

Hoop De Doo Musical Revue is well worth the $$$.  The entertainment was fun.  (I remember seeing very similar programs on my trip with Mom to Alaska.)  Food was delish AND the beer was included!!

Pioneer Hall

Pioneer Hall

Jennifer & Nick enjoying the grub

Jennifer & Nick enjoying the grub

Roger digging right in.

Roger digging right in.

Didn’t get home until 9:15 PM!!!  you know that is late for us!!

Tuesday —  off to EPCOT and the Candlelight Processional.

I know our family & friends are expecting some yucky weather in the next few days…  Linda, I hope you’ll be able to get through to see Shadow!!!  he’ll be looking for you!!

Time to hit the sac


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December 7, 2015

Greetings from Disney World,

Wonderful & Magical to be back.  We were having withdrawal symptoms.  The last time we were here was February.

Jennifer & Nick are joining us this trip.  We all arrived without any events around 11:30 a.m.  The pilot was kind enough to shave off 30 minutes!  Somehow or other, we missed getting a reservation for the Magical Express which leaves from the airport to the WDW Resorts.  But in excellent fashion, WDW told us that was not a problem  and we handed over our luggage claim tags.  When we arrived at Saratoga Springs, it was prior to our 4 pm checkin time.  Talk about It’s A Small World..  our WDW Hostess checking us in, Darci,  was from Starksboro, Vermont.  Now you may say… “So?”  she graduated from the same high school as Roger!!  a few years after, but they could reminisce former teachers and other fond memories. Population of Starksboro is 1,777 since Darci left!!   Thank You, Darci.

Darci -- from Vermont!!!

Darci — from Vermont!!!

We headed to DownTown Disney for the afternoon.  These are some of the flower beds we passed along the way.  The pansy’s were quite fragrant.

Mass plantings of Pansy's

Mass plantings of Pansy’s



There are a lot of changes in the DownTown area and it is still a work in progress.  We had a 5 pm reservation at the House of Blues, but were able to get in at 4:30.  We were all starved.  Everything was delicious from the Yuenling Beer (which is excellent but not sold in NH!!), appetizers, and dinner.  We headed back to Saratoga Springs.  Nick had received a text our room was ready & sure enough, it unlocked, we walked in, and there were our 7 bags which made it safely from NH!!

Monday —  Animal Kingdom.  Tonight is Hoop De Do Musical Revue.

Have a wonderful day…

Brenda & Roger

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