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9 Things To Never Say To an Adult Disney Fan, Unless You Want an Elsa-Level Cold Shoulder

In Dreams Come True on April 17, 2015 at 12:16 pm

We’re back home, but wanted to share this blog our friend Ali found for us!

I really like “It’s just too crowded.” Hmmmm , I’ve thought the same thing!


Orlando International Airport, MCO/Sat. night

In Dreams Come True on April 11, 2015 at 9:06 pm

I’ll bet you thought we’d be in the air by now!  well, we’re not.  There have been some very bad thunderstorms here, so bad that planes couldn’t land or depart.  Our plane was diverted to Tampa, will re-fuel and hopefully be able to land here in time for us to depart 10:15!  I’m glad it isn’t because of snow in New Hampshire!!  Hopefully we’ll be able to rest up some tomorrow.  The one thing we must do is get Roger’s glasses fixed at Lens Crafters, Steeplegate Mall.  He hasn’t been able to use them since Wed.  They have no rim on the bottom, just a piece of fishing line (!! not really, some high-priced nylon line, oh wait, that sounds like fishing line).  Used his sunglasses inside whenever possible.

Remember, we’ve been awake since 4:15/4:30ish AM!!

See you soon… zzzzzzzzzzz…….

Hollywood Studios back for 2nd visit–Sat.

In Dreams Come True on April 11, 2015 at 3:18 pm

This is a little backwards, I just took the photo today, but it should be showing our arrival!!

This is the sign at the entrance to Saratoga Springs, our home for the week.

This is the sign at the entrance to Saratoga Springs, our home for the week.

We got up at 4:30 am (yes, we are on vacation!), finished packing our stuff, Bell-Man arrived at 5:45 PRE-zactly to bring us to the airline checkin.  What a perfect time to check the luggage… NO LINE, absolutely no waiting.  We then headed to Hollywood Studios for a 7 AM Extra Magic Hour.  It was actually pretty quite compared to all the other mornings this week.  We immediately headed to Toy Story Mania.  First time EVER, we made it though  5 times!!!  The sign said 20 minutes wait, but we got in, in less than 10!!  It has really been great to be 2 people, we were always sent to the quick lane.  Roger won 3, I won 2.  We still had a Fast Pass for 9:30!!

We grabbed some breakfast & headed to Disney Animation and the Drawing Academy.  Still had some tubes left, thanks to all my friends who saved them for me at Franklin Hospital!  Everyone is so appreciative to have something to keep their family’s drawings safe and from crinkling!!

Thanks to my friends at work, I had many tubes to hand to other artists at the Disney Drawing Academy.  They were so happy for a safe place for their drawings.

Thanks to my friends at work, I had many tubes to hand to other artists at the Disney Drawing Academy. They were so happy for a safe place for their drawings.

We got through two drawing classes today, makes 3 for the trip.  We’ll have to start wallpapering the walls with our drawings!!

Checked out Frozen, A Sing A Long again.  It’s all air conditioned & very comfortable seats.  We had a Fast Pass, approached the line, told the girl we had a Fast Pass, she said go right in.  Turns out, we were one of the last to enter the theater for the earlier show! We didn’t really have very good seats, but then again, they beat standing outside in the sun.  LOL, when that was over, we then used our Fast Pass & watched it again.  The little, and some not-so-little, girls are wearing their Queen Elsa & Princess Ana dresses and singing & dancing to all the songs.

We lunched at “Pizza Planet.” We didn’t spot Woody or Buzz Lightyear, but we DID spy the pizza delivery truck that has appeared in EVERY Pixar movie.

From here we “rushed” (Brenda & Roger style) to the other side of the Park to watch Beauty & the Beast.  Theater was full.

Now, we’re hanging out at our Resort, waiting to take a Disney bus to the airport & continue our return to NH.  bbrrrrrrr.!!!!

Bye Bye, See You Real Soon.


Hollywood Studios–changes ahead–Fri

In Dreams Come True on April 10, 2015 at 8:27 pm

Hello All,

Well, it finally happened!!  We got an early bus & to Hollywood Studios before the rest of the resorts!!  Now let me back track a bit.  Extra Magic Hours began @ 8 am.  At 6:20 am Roger said, let’s go wait for the bus.  I said this is too early, he said if an early bus does arrive, we won’t catch it sitting & waiting in our room! OK, OK, I’ll go.  Well at 6:45, our bus arrived!!  I have to admit, he was right.  There was only 1 person on the bus with us!!  AND, we were 2nd in line!!

Early birds!!  this couple in front of us are from Delaware.  He a middle school math teacher, she an elementary school principal.

Early birds!! this couple in front of us are from Delaware. He a middle school math teacher, she an elementary school principal.

We “rushed” to Toy Story Mania.  Do you see anything missing in this photo?

This is a look down the Main Street towards the center, the hub.  Did you see what's missing?

This is a look down the Main Street towards the center, the hub. Did you see what’s missing?

The Sorcerer’s Hat has been removed.  The big wigs haven’t shared with us fans, but some think it will be placed at the front.  There is an expansion underway, again, we don’t know what, we’ll be watching the Disney Blog.

Wow, there are people running!!  We made it to Toy Story Mania, got through the line, since we were only 2, we were allowed to go through the quick lane!  Roger won!  it was now 8:10 am, we were going to jump back in line.  Only it was already up to a 50 minute wait… naaaw.  We headed over to the Disney Animation and some drawing.  One of our favorite activities.  From here we went back to Toy Story Mania and used our Fast Pass.  Again got to go into the quick lane.  I won this time!  Went back to the drawing class and the line was way too long since we were returned to “One Man’s Dream,” a history of Walt Disney and his company. Very much abbreviated, but always interesting.

Then “Frozen, A Sing-Along.”   I rather enjoyed it.  Everybody singing the songs.  I don’t think Roger was singing!! (Roger: I chose NOT to sing as a favor to everyone else! BUT I did read the words!)

Frozen Sing-Along, a lot of fun!!  fortunately the words were up on the screen.

Frozen Sing-Along, a lot of fun!! fortunately the words were up on the screen.

Lunched at Sci-Fi Diner.  We always seem to hit it just right, only a 15 minute wait.

Wound up the day with Muppets 3D, Beauty & the Beast, and ice cream from Gertie the dinosaur.

On the way out, we learned tomorrow is an Early Magic Hour for Disney Hollywood, opening at 7:00 AM. So we called bell services for a 5:45 AM luggage pickup and bag check. “What time is your Magical Express pickup?” Roger wasn’t sure, but explained it wouldn’t be until around 5:30 PM, since we our flight isn’t until 8:35 PM. So we were leaving with plenty of time to spare!

We think THEY think we’re a little crazy.

The key is not caring.

Tomorrow our finale day, very similar to today!

We Put Some Magic into Magic Kingdom!–Thur

In Dreams Come True on April 9, 2015 at 5:59 pm

Another early day!  at bus stop by 6 am, bus arrived @ 6:20!!

Even @ 6:45 AM, there are a lot of people!!

Even @ 6:45 AM, there are a lot of people!!

You see, it’s just dawn at Magic Kingdom, 6:45 AM and there are already a LOT of people.  We were again surprised at the amount.  Note to self… “Gone are the days when the week after Easter was a slow week.”  Cinderella Castle is beautiful even at dawn.  We got some breakfast at the Starbuck’s/Bakery… won’t do that again… there needs to be a better place for grab & go breakfast that has some flavor!!

Cinderella Castle at Dawn

Cinderella Castle at Dawn

Next we went to Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger and I think we repeated 5 times!!  Mostly Roger won, I won a couple, maybe only 1, don’t remember, doesn’t matter, we love doing that.  We shopped around for a while, then landed back at The Laugh Floor.

You know Roger has been “That Guy” multiple times, I’ve been chosen before as the one to have “mental telepathetic” with the Monster.  Today I was chosen again, to choose a number between 1 and 50.  I chose 27, then Monster instructed me to tell tell the audience my number so they would know he got it right!! I whispered, “27.” Monster whispered, “Thank you.” Then he asked me to use my fingers as antenna, and he would telepathetically (yes, that’s tele-pathetic!) receive my number. He said, “45.” Asked if that was correct? No. THEN he stepped on a stage board that hit him in the face. “It just struck me,” he said, “27.” Right again (eventually).

Telepathetic!!  with Laugh Floor Monster

Telepathetic!! with Laugh Floor Monster

It’s a lot of fun (Roger took this photo of the monitor up in the front).

We got to see the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade (right place, right time!).  We really enjoyed it..

Goofy & Dale.. aaawwwww!

Goofy & Dale.. aaawwwww!

Queen Elsa, Princess Ana & Olaf

Queen Elsa, Princess Ana & Olaf

Cinderella and her Prince

Cinderella and her Prince

The person in front of us was signing along with every song. I told her she should be a Cast Member. She was! And her friend as well!

We had our lunch at Liberty Tavern… yummy as always.  I enjoyed pot roast, Roger had a fancy burger. (Jennifer, I miss sharing a lunch & then get dessert.  Roger said he would try it, but I know I wouldn’t get half!)

We called it a day, for us, about 4 pm (that’s a 10 hr day at the park, ya know!).

The reason for our title today… Roger continues to give away Disney pins to kids who are starting their collection, impressing upon them to trade with a Cast Member.  There were 2 kids who had lost their lanyards today, so Roger gave them a good headstart.  He does add to the magic when giving pins.

Bye for now!




Animal Kingdom Opened Early; Kind Of!–Wed

In Dreams Come True on April 8, 2015 at 7:25 pm

We got to Animal Kingdom today before the animals got up!!  We got to bus stop at 6 am, bus didn’t arrive until 6:20.  What’s with us & early buses???

Early Morning Animal Kingdom!!

Early Morning Animal Kingdom!!

Extra magic hours began at 7 a.m.  As usual, we  hoofed it out to Kilimanjaro Safaris only to find out, it doesn’t open until 8 am!!!  So we ate breakfast.

Then we thought we’d do the Pagnini Forest Walk. Nope. Closed. Really wasn’t sure what the point of the extra hour opening was.

Then we realized we should have spent that extra hour standing in line waiting to do the Safari. By the time we got back in line, it was “across the bridge”! BUT then the line started moving, and we got into a safari car before we thought possible. And our driver seemed to be a competitor for “fast talker,” he really talked fast!

Our Fast Pass was for 9:30, and there was a line for the Fast Pass too! So we got in line around 9:15, and actually got into the Fast Pass entry just before 9:30.

rare to see hippo out of water... he didn't know the park was open yet!

rare to see hippo out of water… he didn’t know the park was open yet!

Then we “raced” (OK, Roger limped, still getting a blister on that left foot, despite numerous preventative measures) to Finding Nemo the Musical. Made it! Walked right in the Fast Pass line, and then right down to the “bubble zone” at the front of the theater. We like to hang out next to the track where the actors move out of the stage into the audience area. Nice closeups.


Mine! Mine! Mine! t-shirt in front of the seagulls at Nemo The Musical...

Mine! Mine! Mine! t-shirt in front of the seagulls at Nemo The Musical…

After Nemo, time for Festival of the Lion King. Another Fast Pass, natch, but all the way on the other side of the park. Here we go!

In addition to nursing his blister, Roger also wanted to honor lunch time. But he shifted from his usual meal of sweet & sour chicken with rice at the Yak n’ Yeti take out counter. Instead, it was back to Pizzafari. We tried the baked pasta bolognese, which was pretty tasty!

This trip there are many more people than usual. For instance, instead of entering Pizzafari at the usual spot in the front, we were directed all around to the back. They also refused to let people who hadn’t picked up their food in to “save” a table. Consequently, despite the heavy traffic, there were plenty of tables!

While waiting in line for Festival of the Lion King, we met a young pirate. He asked Roger, “Arrrrr, what’s a pirate’s favorite letter of the alphabet?” Roger figured, “RRRRRR.” He replied, “No. People think ’tis the ‘RRRRRR,’ but in fact, it is the “C” (sea).” OK, maybe Roger just imagined the conversation, but the pirate was real!

Our new friends from Augusta, Georgia.  the young man, the blonde one, was a pirate yesterday and doesn't let his mom wash it off, it needs to come of "naturally."!!!

Our new friends from Augusta, Georgia. the young man, the blonde one, was a pirate yesterday and doesn’t let his mom wash it off, it needs to come of “naturally.”!!!

By the time the Lion King show was over, it was nearly 2 PM, so we decided to take our leave of Animal Kingdom.

Tree of Life, at dawn!

Tree of Life, at dawn!

On the way out, we rode in a newly designed bus!

We rode a new bus... with Marvel Superheros on the side.

We rode a new bus… with Marvel Superheros on the side.

Tomorrow it’s 7 AM Early Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom. Will anything be open?


Yawn….. EPCOT early-ish–Tue

In Dreams Come True on April 7, 2015 at 6:35 pm

Our Extra Magic hours were at EPCOT today, 8 am opening for resort guests.  We got to our bus stop about 6:40 am (yes, I said 6:40!!) to be sure we caught the first bus.  So we waited, and waited, and waited.   Buses arrived for Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Down Town Disney, and Hollywood Studios and still we waited… more buses, but none for EPCOT.  Finally, 7:20 a bus arrived.  When we got to EPCOT, all the rest of the guests from ALL the OTHER resorts were already there…  I don’t know what happened.  But, of course, we made it in and rushed (Roger & Brenda style rushing that is!!) to Soarin’ .  For the first time, I took some photos…

Hot Air balloons in CA taken from ride in Soarin'

Hot Air balloons in CA taken from ride in Soarin’

Waterfall in CA from Soarin' ride... wish I knew the name of it.

Waterfall in CA from Soarin’ ride… wish I knew the name of it.

Fireworks over DisneyLand, CA

Fireworks over DisneyLand, CA

hidden Mickey in the fireworks at DisneyLand

hidden Mickey in the fireworks at DisneyLand

People keep asking, “Why do you keep going back to Disney World?” One reason: The People.

Like Robin, a very nice Cast Member we met, who is a relatively new Cast Member, filling in today at the Sunshine Seasons restaurant where we ate breakfast.  Thanks for your help, Robin… best wishes to you.



We also met a family from London, England. Well, most recently from London (father from Ireland and mother from Russia). We had a wonderful conversation with them as we waited in line for Soarin’ (and meeting fellow Disney folks DOES make the wait go faster!). We promised to send them more information about the Animation Academy (where YOU draw a Disney character) that we love so much, and we did that first thing upon returning to the room!

Another great reason: Food. Anyone who knows Roger knows he’s a Taurus (his birthday is later this month, so he has a “Celebrating My Birthday” pin). Roger likes to recall the Taurus birthday card he once received: “Taurus: You live in a rut … and love it!” Repetition is very good, repetition is very good, repetition is very very very very good good good good! (That from a song Roger heard on The Dr. Demento Show.) SO, we love Chefs de France. Roger and Brenda BOTH enjoyed French Onion Soup (again!), and Roger met a couple more people at the restaurant. One was the family next to him, after he tried to flag down a waitress to ask what that delicious looking desert was. So the father managed to get her attention, Roger got the dessert, and it WAS delicious! The second was a gentleman sitting one table over, who Roger introduced himself to saying he knew the man had good taste, since he was wearing a Brooks Brothers shirt. Roger recognized the Golden Fleece logo (of course it helps he works at a Brooks Brothers store). So I guess that’s both “Food & People.”

Then there’s the SHOWS! We both love “Voices of Liberty.” Normally they perform in the American Adventure pavilion, dressed in 1900’s garb and singing Americana a cappella. But today they performed on a stage (with microphones) in later 1900’s clothing, and did songs from Disney movies and productions, including Frozen. We met one man who plays the trombone for Disney bands, whose wife was performing in the group. So I guess that’s “SHOWS & People.”

Voices of Liberty on stage!!

Voices of Liberty on stage!!

Plus we do enjoy the subtle changes, including seeing things we hadn’t noticed before. On the “Living with the Land” ride, Brenda spotted an alligator she had never seen before; while at the the same moment, Roger spied a monkey he’d never glimpsed. We decided it’s because we always sit on the same side, so haven’t seen what’s on the other person’s side!

Now since this is the Flower and Garden festival, another great element is: Plants! And Flowers. And Gardens. And topiaries. We saw a lot of topiaries we’d seen in previous years, but then saw a new one (to us, anyway): Elsa and Anna from Frozen! Of course Frozen, being the most successful animated feature of all time, gets a lot of coverage here at Walt Disney World.

Elsa & Anna

Elsa & Anna

I have found something else I can start looking for at “the dump”!!! (aka recycling center)!!  for adding interest to my gardens…  tire rims, old tires, hub caps!!!

"Cars" Lightning McQueen with accent of hubcaps & tire rims!!

“Cars” Lightning McQueen with accent of hubcaps & tire rims!!

So, to sum up for today, there’s lots we enjoy that is always the same, and lots we enjoy that is always something new!


WDW…. again & again & again

In Dreams Come True on April 7, 2015 at 5:27 am

This is a post Roger wrote back in Sept 2010 …  and I totally think it bears repeating…. 


Greetings from Walt Disney World!


When I told my brother, Jim, that Brenda and I were going to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon, Jim asked, “Why are you going to Disney World?”

“To celebrate our honeymoon.”

“Why are YOU going to Disney World?”

Repeat that loop more times than I care to admit, and finally, I realized, he wondered: Why go to Disney World—at all?

After all, I had gone 28 years earlier.

Now Brenda and I embark on our 7th trip to Walt Disney World—three in the last 12 months on our First Annual Pass—and we’re already talking about renewing the pass, which would mean we’d want to return at least three more times in the year ahead.

So, Why ARE we going (back) to Disney World?

Of course, it’s because We Love Disney World!

Brenda and I drafted Netflix to help us feed our Disneyholicism, by watching old Disney films we enjoyed as kids: The Adventures of Davy Crocket, The Castaways, Those Calaways, That Darn Cat, Toby Tyler, to name just a few. Of course we also own a few Disney films: Mary Poppins, Enchanted, and the one which really started it all, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

But to say We Love Disney World! (which we do), doesn’t finally answer the question: WHY do We Love Disney World?

I believe it’s because Walt Disney World is a World of Positive Energy.

Brenda and I are those annoying types who believe there’s always something positive in every situation. We’re dopey enough to strive to make the best no matter what the circumstances. We’re those bummer types who always want to build you up—not tear you down. In short, we’re optimists and morning people (though Brenda would say rising at 7:30 A.M., and then requiring an hour to fully awaken makes me more of an afternoon person—but the point is once I get out of bed I’m already drearily cheerful).

Walt Disney World is full of optimists.

Everyone who works there is positive. The guests are their most positive in that environment. And Brenda and I are incorrigible contributors to the sickingly sweet, sticky happy-to-meet-you attitude that pervades Walt Disney World. When we see folks posing for a photo, we offer to take the picture so everyone can get in the shot. When we see a three- to five-year-old girl with hair glistening and gooey with “Bippity-Boppity-Boutique” glitter, clearly dressed as a Disney princess, Brenda and I say, “Good morning, Princess.” In short, we contribute to the Disney disease. And we do so happily.

Walt Disney World is a place where everyone is committed to making everyone else’s day just a little bit brighter, a little bit happier, a little more magical, and by doing so, making their own lives a lot more pleasant.

We love Walt Disney World because, to us, it’s what the world should aspire to be—a place where everyone is nice, cheerful, pleasant, and making the best even better.

And we love to participate in building a better world for everyone.

And so, we’re back! Again!

Saratoga Springs… finally–Mon

In Dreams Come True on April 6, 2015 at 5:04 pm

Hello All,

Funny thing happened on our way to the parking lot — it was lost!

We got to Manchester, Brown Ave, looking for Payless Valet Parking.  I got down the street & told Roger I must have missed it, so turned around and I found where it WAS!!!  no cars, no lights, nothing.  How could that happen???  Later I discovered there was a NEW address on the confirmation sheet. But they didn’t mention it was new! I saw some other folks posting that they had a heck of a time finding–or NOT!–the new location.

We ended up parking at the airport.  Hopefully we’ll be able to find the car when we get back!!

I left Roger at the airport with all the bags (luckily thought to take out my trusty wallet!). He shuffled seven pieces ahead bit by bit. By the time he had reach the front of the check in for Southwest, I had found the lot, parked the car, caught the shuttle, and walked over to the correct terminal.

Roger is so harmless he’s “Pre-TSA approved,” meaning he can use a special line, leave his liquids in the bag, not open nothing, and wear his shoes. His only error was rubbing against the sensor. Roger insists HE’s wide and the gate is not!

I was stopped in my line–forgot I had the car keys in my pocket! Usually they are at Payless Valet Parking!

View from the bus!!!

View from the bus!!!

WOW… it is HOT!!  The flight was good, arrived 20 minutes early!!!  Our room wasn’t ready, so headed to Down Town Disney.  Lots of construction going on.  Did some shopping.  Roger got his fix of caramel apples at Goofy’s Candy Shop.

I’m beginning to slow down!  I’ve been awake since 2:30 am, got up at 3:15!!  Roger…. come work on this blog…..

Studio Room, glorified hotel room!!  We already miss our 1-bedroom!

Studio Room, glorified hotel room!! We already miss our 1-bedroom!

No stove top, but microwave, coffee maker & frig.!!!

No stove top, but microwave, coffee maker & frig.!!!

Roger insisted I "chill-out".

Roger insisted I “chill-out”.

We normally walk to our Saratoga Springs room from Down Town Disney (we ask to be close just to be able to do that), but this time we didn’t have a room number, so we caught the bus. We saw a Saratoga bus leave just as we were entering the bus area. So we waited in the heat (remember, it’s still winter in New Hampshire) for about 20 minutes, and then were the only two passengers on the bus! Saratoga is about 5 minutes from Down Town, so it was a short ride.

Still no text, but we claimed text ignorance and asked if our room might be ready. And it was! So we caught a golf cart with our carry on to our room. Then Roger called to see if our bags were back, and they’d arrived at 1:20 PM, and so we were “in line” to receive them. They were just now delivered (4:45 PM) but the same young man who toted us and our carry on to the room. Now we’ll unpack, unwind, and turn in early so we can catch the early magic hours tomorrow morning at EPCOT.

We’ll be sure and keep you “posted”!

And We’re Off…. WDW here we come

In Dreams Come True on April 6, 2015 at 3:53 am

“Heading down the stretch”  We’re headed to Saratoga Springs, WDW…  the Flower & Garden Show, the sunshine, warm weather or rather —  hot weather!!!  Will our thick winter NH blood be able to handle 80-90 degree weather…. you betcha ya!!!!

This time, parks open at either 7 am or 8 am!!!  so you know we’ll be headed out early…  will keep  you posted on our adventures of the week.


Brenda & Roger

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