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EPCOT Adventures in rolling forward

In Dreams Come True on September 8, 2015 at 4:41 pm

All about being pushed around EPCOT!



Roger seated in his super deluxe extended leg holding wheelchair (BRENDA 2015 propulsion unit)

Let’s take a look at Roger’s sophisticated transportation system.

The vehicle itself is a BIG BOY wheelchair. We rented it from a family owned company that supplies Disney resort guests and Florida residents with wheelchairs, scooters, and other medical devices.

The propulsion system is the brawny BRENDA 2015. Capable of hurtling Roger and his wheels faster than he could walk even before his accident. Pushing 300+ pounds up hills makes for a great workout.


BRENDA 2015: Stong, sweet, and purty cute!

BRENDA 2015: Stong, sweet, and purty cute!

It’s a terrific combo, and highly recommended, it’s very important to make sure BRENDA 2015 does not overheat, a bit of a challenge in the Florida weather (hot with 800% humidity).

Luckily the BRENDA 2015 is patient and highly skilled and so perfectly suited for this task.

The ride itself is sometimes thrilling as the BRENDA 2015 must weave us through crowds of Disney patrons who are busy texting, studying maps, gawking, and sometimes attempting to herd and corral their young ones. These latter attempt to defy the laws of space and time by teleporting to their next destination. Unhappily they fail, so Roger pokes them away from his injured leg with the cane loaned to him by Marcia.

All in all it makes for an exciting ride!

Park buses are supposed to come “approximately every 20 minutes.” We’ve been waiting almost an hour, and though we’ve seen multiple buses for the other parks, no EPCOT bus.

And today is Early Magic Hours at EPCOT!

BRENDA 2015 Just asked one of the drivers when we could expect an EPCOT bus: “15 seconds.” Great news, but wrong. However, we didn’t have to wait much longer.

Roger remembered his Magic Band today, but BRENDA 2015’s didn’t function properly. After multiple attempts a Cast Member reset it and we were off and rolling.

Epcot has a bit of an incline getting in, and it’s petty steep getting to The Land, where “Soarin” is located. BRENDA 2015 said she felt more like Brenda 1951!

Roger was able to help haul the load up hills, either by rolling the wheels or grabbing a rail and pulling forward.

We enjoyed Soarin’ and went through a second time, and never had to use our FastPasses.

We called the elevator to return to top floor and exit The Land, and joined 2 construction men who were hoping to get on the other side of the wall around “Living with the land” (currently closed; sad for BRENDA 2015, as it is one of her favorites). Roger joked, “Beam us up, Scotty.” The man pressed the button, then pulled his vest aside to show his Disney name tag: his name WAS Scotty!

After a rest stop, Roger met a youngster with a pin collection starter set. So Roger gave him a pin to trade. Then a sister arrived, then another, and another! By the time they were done multiplying, there were 5!

Illinois family scores pins to trade!

Illinois family scores pins to trade!

They each got a pin to trade. The father said, “They’ll probably remember getting these pins more than anything else we do!”

Mission accomplished!

Forward! To Imagination with Figment. Figment provided a special car, one that could hold Roger and his chair.


Figment’s “I” train takes all rollers

There was a turnstile (like those used in San Francisco) that a 97 pound young woman rolled Roger and his wheelchair up & onto, which then swiveled so he was facing forward. We did have to figure out how to adjust the leg extension to allow clearance, so it was truly educational!

Next was EPCOT character meet and greet. We went through the “Stand By” line and got out before our scheduled FastPass.

The Main Man, er, make that Mouse! MICKEY MOUSE!

Mickey was tickled when we pointed at him and said, "It all started with YOU!"

Mickey was tickled when we pointed at him and said, “It all started with YOU!”


Goofy signs Roger's Goofy hat

Goofy signs Roger’s Goofy hat


Goofy & his gang!

Goofy & his gang!


Minnie signed Brenda's hat!

Minnie signed Brenda’s hat!

So for those of you keeping score: we got through all 3 of our FastPass attractions without ever using a FastPass! Soarin’ twice!

After lunch we rolled over to hear Voices of Liberty. More “Frozen !”

Voices of Liberty currently sing show tunes rather than historic patriotic tunes. It’s also outside rather than under the rotunda inside American Adventure. We miss the old songs, intimacy, and jokes. But we do still enjoy their singing, We waited nearly an hour to enjoy the second show!


Voices sing "Let it go!"

Voices sing “Let it go!”

They do sometimes perform inside under the rotunda. We’re not sure if they then sing the old songs and do their jokes (they sing “Oh Suzanna” and pick a young girl or elderly lady and pretend she doesn’t want to let the singer go back to the line).

By the time the second show ended, it was time to return to the resort, recharge iPhone batteries and the BRENDA 2015, to prepare for tomorrow’s Animal Kingdom events!


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