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December at Walt Disney World

In Dreams Come True on December 12, 2015 at 7:00 am

We are home, Roger back to work Sunday, Brenda on Monday.  Ho-Hum… it was fun.

A little reflection.  In years past this 1st week of December was a good one to go to Walt Disney World.  This year was much different.  Apparently others have heard that it was a low-crowd week and have jumped on that bandwagon.  I can categorically say, this past week was definitely NOT a low crowd week.  Now I will tell you, due to the fact we like to get going early, we were pleasantly surprised to find the parks opening before the published times!!  by 30 minutes.  Now that’s Magical!!



Brenda, Roger, & Olaf…


Rebecca & Brandon Rockin’


We don’t have many photos of the 4 of us together, hope you enjoy these.





A repeat post from September 2015 —

The propulsion system is the brawny BRENDA 2015. Capable of hurtling Roger and his wheels faster than he could walk even before his accident. Pushing 300+ pounds up hills makes for a great workout.


BRENDA 2015: Stong, sweet, and purty cute!

BRENDA 2015: Stong, sweet, and purty cute!

It’s a terrific combo, and highly recommended, it’s very important to make sure BRENDA 2015 does not overheat, a bit of a challenge in the Florida weather.

Luckily the BRENDA 2015 is patient and highly skilled and so perfectly suited for this task.

The ride itself is sometimes thrilling as the BRENDA 2015 must weave us through crowds of Disney patrons who are busy texting, studying maps, gawking, and sometimes attempting to herd and corral their young ones.

Until we meet again, Mickey!!!




Hollywood Studios & Dancing Lights

In Dreams Come True on December 11, 2015 at 8:03 am
Amazing Osborne Dancing Lights, the last year :(

Amazing Osborne Dancing Lights, the last year 😦






Well, just photos!!!  These are from Thursday, our last Park Day for 2015.  Already looking forward to our next adventure!!

Patricia, Sci-Fi Dinner Theater... a Duffy collector

Patricia, Sci-Fi Dinner Theater… a Duffy collector

Patricia is an avid Duffy collector… She had one on her lanyard as a trader, but she wasn’t allowed to take it.  So… Roger traded for it AND then gave it to her!!!  She was so excited.  He then looked through his selection of pins to trade and found 4 or 5 more & gave them.  She was just beside herself with excitement.  We like to share The Disney Magic too!!

Magical Memories at the Magic Kingdom

In Dreams Come True on December 9, 2015 at 7:07 pm

Roger’s been suffering from a cold all through this vacation (and before!). He tried Zyrtec-D, but that was making his vision blurry, so he quit. He’s been rinsing his sinuses multiple times during the night in a desperate attempt to be able to breathe, and sleep! But he’s still visiting the Parks!


Merry Christmas from Magic Kingdom (note Roger’s red eyes)

We enjoyed all our usual favorites. Starting, of course, with Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. We were allowed to go through 3 times, since Roger was in a wheelchair and the lines were not long. But Brenda still smoked Roger all three trips! Maybe it was the cold. Or was something else distracting our intrepid space cadet?


Note Roger’s focus, despite his affliction!


Uh-oh. Focus broken. But still worth it!

Went through the Carousel of Progress, shopped at the Big Top, went Under the Sea to see the Journey of the Little Mermaid, enjoyed Mickey’s Philharmagic, checked out the Christmas Shop, then trotted to Monster Inc.’s Laugh Floor, where they had some modified acts! Lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, and then It’s a Small World.

But when Roger fell asleep in his wheelchair in The Hall of Presidents, we decided to cut the day short and return to the resort.

Roger soaked in the tub while Brenda went to Disney Springs (the new fangled name for Downtown Disney), where she bought soap and Ghirardelli chocolate milkshakes for both of us!

Brandon and Rebecca had a pool day today, hung around the resort, then headed out for dinner and the parade at Magic Kingdom. They’re trying out the new Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, and they have great seats at dinner to watch the parade pass by!

Well, that’s it for tonight.

Tomorrow: final park day. The final year to see The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!

Updating Yesterday! EPCOT

In Dreams Come True on December 9, 2015 at 5:39 pm

Brenda and Roger left to catch the Early Magic Hours at EPCOT. They scored an immediate “Soarin'” ride, and then “Living with the Land” (both favorites of The Brenda 2015).

Around 9:20, they met up with Brandon and Rebecca, who came to the park a littler later.


Brandon & Rebecca meet Tinkerbell!

We met at “Soarin'”, and though Rebecca has enjoyed it in the past, this time it sort of freaked her out. Signs of things to come?

We split up. Brandon and Rebecca went to “Mission: Space.” BUT, just as they were about to board, the ride shut down. As is usually the deal in such a case, they were given a FastPass good for any time once the ride was back up. Would they be able to take advantage of it?

Roger and Brenda spent some quality time with Disney Characters at the “Character Spot.”




Goofy being Goofy!

Then we all met at Chefs de France for a delicious lunch and our Candlelight Processional “stickers” (allowing us early lining up privileges for the show).

Brenda realized she didn’t  really care to wheel Roger all the way to the front of EPCOT to go on Spaceship Earth (again), then wheel him all the way back for the Candlelight Processional. So Brenda and Roger spent the next hour and a half enjoying 3 performances of Voices of Liberty singing holiday music.

But while we enjoyed the show, we got a text that Rebecca wasn’t feeling well. Soon after, she was sound asleep in the resort! Luckily she recovered by the next day, but we’re sorry they missed the Candlelight Processional.

We enjoyed the Candlelight Processional as always, this year hosted by Joe Morton.

Then we got home, after dark! Really, we were at the park after dark! Really!



Bye Bye!

Animal Kingdom Adventures!

In Dreams Come True on December 7, 2015 at 7:53 pm

Off to an atypically leisurely start.

Before going to the bus stop, Brenda hiked over to the resort to activate the Magic Bands — only Roger’s would unlock the door. Roger called the front desk to ask for lights to be fixed and the missing TV remote to be replaced.

At 8:00 AM ( no Magic Early Hours today at AK) Roger hauled himself while Brenda hauled the wheel chair out to the bus stop. Brenda requested a room on the first floor near the bus stop. We are near the bus stop, but on the second floor. Which wouldn’t have beet SO bad, EXCEPT there is no elevator, either!

Good times.

But despite that setback, we were at the park by opening (9:00 AM). Brenda wheeled Roger up and down hills, while Rebecca rented a scooter and rode in style.

Of course we repeated all our usual events: Kilimanjaro Safari (Alec, our driver, was superb–and the “old bridge” creaked and jolted! Something we haven’t experienced in years!), where we saw a parade of elephants, a bloat of hippos, a crock of crocodiles, a coalition of chetahs, a zeal of zebras, a tower of giraffes, a crash of rhinos, a flamboyance of flamingos, and a pride of lions (2 lionesses and 1 male).




Momma & Child


Brandon and Rebecca also viewed the gorillas. Brandon was lucky enough to spot a mother grab her baby, sling it onto her back, and race away before Rebecca could even see them (wonder why the mother gorilla didn’t want Rebecca to see her baby?).

All 4 of us enjoyed The Festival of the Lion King. We were in the front row (since I’m still in the wheelchair here) of the lion section (“ROAR”), and so were treated to a close up view of Timon and many of the dancers, stilt walkers, and other the performers. A Tumble Monkey gave us each a “high five.” Spectacular as always.

After that, we split up and went our separate ways. Roger and Brenda to Finding Nemo — The Musical, Rebecca and Brandon to Expedition Everest! Despite nearly plunging off the track, and then traveling backwards, Rebecca and Brandon loved baiting the Yeti.


Late (and separate) lunches for us both.

After lunch, Brenda and Roger visited Guest Services for a bit of a tricky situation. Long story shortish, our Annual Passes expire tomorrow (December 8). We have 2 days left on 10-day Park Hopper Passes from 2006, but they are so old that they don’t have the information needed for us to link them to our Magic Bands from home. So, in order to score our much needed Fast Passes for Wednesday and Thursday, we linked 2 five-day Passes. That would all be fine, except that these expire 14 days after the first use. So if we used them on Wednesday, then they would expire by the end of the month. We were informed by a Disney Representative (months ago) that once we got to WDW, we could replace the 2 days charged to the 5-day Passes back to our 10-day Park Hoppers.

At Guest Services, we were greeted by a sweet young woman named Eri from Japan. We warned Eri that what we were trying to do was a bit complicated. Nonplussed, Eri carefully asked probing questions, which eventually eliminated the entire situation involving Rebecca and Brandon (since THEY also have their bands linked to the same type of 5-day pass as those we were trying to remove from OUR bands).

Eri didn’t let OUR confusion confuse her! Instead, she simply inserted the 2-day Park Hoppers between our soon to expire Annual Passes and not needing to be used 5-day Passes. Once she had explained what she had done, and how it would work for us, we realized she was brilliant and thanked her profusely!

And we’d like to thank her again! Thank You, Eri!

Eventually our whole expedition wound up back at the front of the park where we posed for a group photo.


We’re Home!

In Dreams Come True on December 6, 2015 at 7:45 pm

We got up @ 4 am today.  Headed to Manchester, checked our luggage at the curb and Roger boarded a wheel chair!    Both Brenda & Roger were TSA pre-approved.  Brenda went right through, no hitch.  Roger on the other hand, being in a wheel chair, went through the regular line, had to empty out the computer, the CPap machine.  Brenda waited.  So much for being Pre-Approved!!

We met up with Rebecca & Brandon.  Roger was pre-boarding & Rebecca went with him to save seats for she & Brandon.  All the “A’s” loaded & a few of the “B’s” and then it was stopped.  Those of us in line were told there was a problem, boarding would resume in 20-30 min.  Well, an hour later, we boarded, only for us to find out the coffee machine leaked, and Southwest was concerned the liquid might have damaged some electronics located below the spill area.  The pilot did manage to make up time and we landed only 15 minutes late!!

Once arriving at Old Key West Resort, our room not being ready, we took a ferry to DownTown Disney, now known as Disney Springs.  We went right to House of Blues for our 3 pm reservation, hoping they would take us early… they did.  It was delicious… Rebecca says “even the ketchup is good!!”

Rebecca & Brandon at House of Blues!! YUMMMM

Rebecca & Brandon at House of Blues!! YUMMMM

Brenda here.  It’s 7:44 pm, I’m the only one up!!  the others have all retired for the night.

Headed to Animal Kingdom for another Adventure.

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