Brenda & Roger

December at Walt Disney World

In Dreams Come True on December 12, 2015 at 7:00 am

We are home, Roger back to work Sunday, Brenda on Monday.  Ho-Hum… it was fun.

A little reflection.  In years past this 1st week of December was a good one to go to Walt Disney World.  This year was much different.  Apparently others have heard that it was a low-crowd week and have jumped on that bandwagon.  I can categorically say, this past week was definitely NOT a low crowd week.  Now I will tell you, due to the fact we like to get going early, we were pleasantly surprised to find the parks opening before the published times!!  by 30 minutes.  Now that’s Magical!!



Brenda, Roger, & Olaf…


Rebecca & Brandon Rockin’


We don’t have many photos of the 4 of us together, hope you enjoy these.





A repeat post from September 2015 —

The propulsion system is the brawny BRENDA 2015. Capable of hurtling Roger and his wheels faster than he could walk even before his accident. Pushing 300+ pounds up hills makes for a great workout.


BRENDA 2015: Stong, sweet, and purty cute!

BRENDA 2015: Stong, sweet, and purty cute!

It’s a terrific combo, and highly recommended, it’s very important to make sure BRENDA 2015 does not overheat, a bit of a challenge in the Florida weather.

Luckily the BRENDA 2015 is patient and highly skilled and so perfectly suited for this task.

The ride itself is sometimes thrilling as the BRENDA 2015 must weave us through crowds of Disney patrons who are busy texting, studying maps, gawking, and sometimes attempting to herd and corral their young ones.

Until we meet again, Mickey!!!




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