Brenda & Roger

Advice for our blog


Getting Started

Brenda and I have had a number of new readers ask, “Where should I start?”

Our advice is to start with our September 25, 2010 blog: Why Go Back To Walt Disney World?

It’s there that we first started really analyzing our love affair with Walt Disney World.

Please Do Reply

Please do reply! Almost all replies are approved. The only replies that are not approved are those that make negative comments that might injure the feelings of some of the folks we include in our blog.

So, no hurtful or unkind words, please.

Help build a better Walt Disney World experience with your positive energy.

Guest Bloggers Welcome!

If you wish to supply your own blog to our site, simply add a reply and we will contact you to discuss how you can submit a post to include in our blog.

We really want to have a variety of bloggers contribute, so please do not hesitate to submit your suggestions!

We reserve the right to make all final decisions as to what is included in the blogs.


The whole idea of this blog is to share a love of Walt Disney World, or all things Disney, and we welcome you to join the conversation in whatever form you choose!

Brenda & Roger: Self-Diagnosed DisneyHolics.


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